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  1. I have a 11 month old lurcher, I'm looking to get him started. He hasn't seen anything yet so hopefully someone will be able to let us go out too learn him the ropes. I'm from Walsall West Midlands but I don't mind travelling to get him out. Thanks Craig
  2. Hi dan, I've got a caravan in Wem. I'm there most of the year, any help you need while hunting I'd gladly give you a hand
  3. hinksy


    Where abouts are you mate ?
  4. Is there anyone willing to let me tag along, just can't wait to get out now. Cheers hinksy
  5. Hi everyone, just to say i am still looking for a bit of permission to lamp or ferret. Thanks hinksy
  6. Alright philprop, I'm from Walsall mate i dont mind where the land is i will travel. Thanks hinksy
  7. I know it's a long shot, but I'm after a bit of permission for ferreting and lamping in the west midlands area, i don't mind driving for it either. All land, livestock will be respected.
  8. Ok mate, thanks for your reply
  9. I was going to make a couple of dummy's for retrieving mate.
  10. Can anyone help me, im after a couple of rabbit skins to get my lurcher pup going. Hopefully near Walsall, west midlands. Thanks hinksy
  11. They are £12 most places and the games are free to download
  12. Forget the competion mate, concentrate on getting storm fit. Then come back and win next years,with out any byes .Hope storm as a speedy recovery
  13. common sense, and seeing the question before
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