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  1. 15 foot ferret collar,mark one in perfect workin order.40 quid in Sheffield.cheers Bish
  2. We're do I get it from? Thanks for your help lads
  3. My jack Russell has constantly got gue and gunk in her eyes,took her 2 the vets many times and they keep changing her creams but nothing seems to work,my mate said there was a similar post on hear not so long back suggesting some creams etc,any help would be muchly appreciated cheers Bish
  4. I have a mark 1 collor in looking to swap for a mark 3,I'm in Sheffield
  5. There will be lads on hear and got away with it,but for me the less encouragement they get the better!
  6. Just my opinion but think youraskin for problems,would be for better off skinning it and cleaning it so the rabbit is not associated with food!
  7. And what's gunna happen the first time they catch one?
  8. Im sure this will have been done before,infact i think iv done it. But im desprete too join a syndicate within a our of sheffield.Been to bluebell lakes this weekend nd it was absolutaly packed! And im sick of it!!!! So if anyone can help me out i would very much appriciate it,thank you
  9. Its a 20 gauge mate,will try and some pictures on but normally struggle
  10. Hi,i have a browning 425 For sale.Its 30"barrell and multi choke.its a lovely gun in good condition and is a plesure too use.£700 for a quick sale.Thanks for lookin Bish
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