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  1. I have a 3/4 springer type myself and she does well for me. Not everyone's cup of tea but each to their own eh. She works rabbits and foxes and has put plenty out for the lurchers over the years. She only barks on sight though but when shes on a fresh scent she really lights up and can really shift through cover or open ground when she needs to. To be honest I wouldn't be without her. I would highly recommend a half cross. I think you'll be well pleased
  2. Well SS, I'm working in dungarvan, I'll ask the local lads here in the workshop did they see them or hear of anything and if I hear anything, I'll let you know asap.
  3. Some top class pics there
  4. Well done Sir. That's the only way to deal with them
  5. Smashing pups them You cant beat a good beagle X springer in my opinion
  6. Smashing little pack you have there
  7. Nice pics those, capture the moment well
  8. Fitz

    New Kennells

    Looking good mate, those old rusty gates could do with a lick of paint though
  9. I wouldn't go near it! In my opinion it brings nothing but bad publicity to dogs and hunting.
  10. Easy does it slip....Rome wasn't built in a day
  11. Its called non-drip roofing. I have box profile roofing on my kennels and on my shed and always dry in the worst of weather. I would recommend it
  12. Great Pics R.A.W. All the best with the young ones, hopefully they'll give you plenty of great days out
  13. Smashing Pups pal!! Best of luck with them
  14. Fitz

    Back Again

    Fantastic read, thanks for sharing with us ;-)
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