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  1. anyone have a contact num for mick c
  2. have any of you lads got a rough dog 25 to 27 inch wheaton tumbler type for stud cheers
  3. ive got one should be ready to start now where in lancashire
  4. could anyone tell me the best way of getting antlers out of a skull cheers
  5. terrier puppy champion terrier champion mr shaun harwood and leon and reserve mr mark allott chaos bull cross champion show winner and reserve
  6. you boys on here are really missing something in your lifes talkin about gay dogs
  7. im in the south lakes and there is a few down here not massive amounts tho
  8. try someone who sells dog food on your local market thats what i do he gets it from the wholesalers think i pay about a tenner for it
  9. thank you all for your comments
  10. storm68


    does anyone have or know someone who has the number for nigel lucas the taxidemist from chorley lancashire or could you recommened a good taxidemist in the lancashire area cheers
  11. is out tonight just got my permission back

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