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    hunting of all sorts ,wildfowling, ratting my terriers, ferrets and beddy whip. i do alot of shooting with the 12 bore too and a bit of fly fishing when it warms up a little bit

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  1. You'll be fine. Just leave anything too close, let it get on a bit. I shoot mostly 4 shot on duck but have shot eley lightening in 3s.
  2. It is good to see a real wildfowling thread in the wildfowling section. Well done mik
  3. Zabala do a cheap sxs thats steel proofed. You could do with 3.5 inc tho for goose loads.
  4. Now your learning leslie. Taking some time getting through but we might be getting somewhere.!!!
  5. I shoot 2's, 1"s and bb at geese and fox imo they dont make a mess of geese, i wouldnt dream of shooting sgs at a fox or anything what a waste of a shot , they dont pattern at all, dont know why anyone would buy them. aaa do a good job tho.
  6. had mine 4 years now and give it some abuse. the trousers are best ive owned
  7. good advice remi, you wont go far wrong if you do it this way
  8. yeah ive seen that retrieve on the dee, it did an excellent job, i know of a lab that could do that tho too, but the Chesapeake is bred for that job . the dogs can be huge but i prefer the size of the bitches about the size of a well built dog lab. these dogs are breed for fowling really but with the right training can be as good as a lab rough shooting. your always going to get better dogs of different breeds what ever you get. the Chesapeake has a lot of bad press about them being aggressive I've not had much of a problem with it as she was well socialised as a pup and lives with 3 other do
  9. well i can only go by the one i have and she is great , better than most labs I've seen but I've seen better cockers and springers. a great nose on her too. i might have been lucky or maybe its how I've trained her.she has come off some really good stock tho, the dam is worked on mostly wildfowl and the sire is trialed and worked in America. i think a breeder works them on pheasant near Sheffield
  10. i use my chesapeake for rough shooting, decoying and fowling. she put 100% into everything, never gets cold and can hunt all day .
  11. thanks to any one keeping eyes out for my bitch but she has been killed on the motorway. at least i know she not in some idiots hands. she will be missed
  12. i know , me and the lad are gutted. hope she turns up
  13. grey bedlington terrier bitch lost burnley on 12/2/13 any info would be great.
  14. grey bedlington terrier bitch lost burnley, lost on 12 2 13
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