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  1. Ideally looking for either a first X or line bred CollieXGreyhound Thanks
  2. Assistance required please lads and lasses. Does anyone own or know of a working CollieXGreyhound dog which I could use to line my Deerhound Greyhound bitch in the new year? Im looking to breed to keep a pup back for myself and one for my old man. I'm looking for a dog wich is confident but steady in temperament which will take all quarry and I would like to see the dog work prior to using it as a stud. I am based in Yorkshire but willing to travel. I appreciate that this is a big ask from a complete stranger but if anyone knows of anything could you please PM me rather than replying to the thread on the forum. Thanks very much in advance
  3. I would always start a dog working on its own rather than doubling it up with another dog particularly on rabbits as i feel that this is better for obedience. I have seen too many dogs playing tug of war with their catch when doubled up instead of retrieving it to hand and when you do get the bunny back it is often crunced to a pulp. I'm not saying that this allways happens but it can do quite often. I also think that a young dog will be more focused on the job in hand if it is out on its own without the distraction from another dog when you are waiting for abolt/walking the fields with the lamp. Out in the daytime a pup can learn to hunt up etc from an older dog quicker than it would have done on its own but I would say that an occasional walk out with mates dogs providing they are obedient would be sufficient to give your young dog a good idea of what it needs to do rather than risk you dog focusing more on the other dog than you or becoming disheartened by the older more experienced dogs catching everything under your young dogs nose. If you wait untill your dog is mature enough for a run then try to get them a few easy catches mixi rabbits are good to start then pick your runs after that untill your dogs confidence builds then you should have no problems. I have had dogs that wouldnt even chase when they were around 11 months old (not mature enough for that particular dog???) but give them time an they learn what's what.
  4. I am willing to sell seperatley if prefered
  5. I have a selection of DVD's for sale The Warrener Hounds terriers and running dogs at work vol 1 The Warrener Hounds terriers and running dogs at work vol 2 Calls and calling warrener style The warrener Old ways of the poacher The Lamper Dusk Till Dawn Another night and day with the yorkshire ratters Pigeon Shooting the gamekeepers way Keepers diary the whole season Operation predator (coyote shooting) Float fishing with john wilson Fishingthe world with liam dale Expedition nile perch I am based in south yorkshire. Looking for £ for the hunting/shooting DVD's and £10 for the fishing ones. Collection prefered but would post at additional cost. Cheers
  6. Thanks for the replys guys. Im looking for a racy type dog so don't really want more than a touch of bull blood. Cheers
  7. Hi, I'm looking for a young lurcher dog around 6-10 months old that hasn't done any work. Preferably something that will make around 24"-26" when fully grown. If you know of anything please PM me with details. Cheers,
  8. Hi, Is it a dog or bitch? Has it seen anything? Where are you based? Cheers
  9. What cross is the pup mate? Do you own both parents?
  10. Has anyone owned or had any experience of FAC rated spring guns particularly the HW80 and HW97? What power were they shooting at and did you have any problems with accuracy or excessive recoil/noise? Also what pellets did you find most accurate?
  11. If i remember rightly raven is a 4th generation deerhound greyhound not a first cross and he was bred by dave but is owned by joe wooley
  12. I always take my lurcher with me when i go out shooting don't like to go out without a dog to be honest just incase something is just pricked. Makes life easier retrieving things that have been killed cleanly aswell especially out of water. Also usefull for squirrel shooting when they are playing hide and seek around the trunk i send the dog round the other side of the tree then shoot the squirrel when it comes round to my side. Could maybe get in the way when shooting rabbits because he wants to chase them but i can make him sit and wait at one end of the hedge or whatever while i stalk along it then call him to me when i have done. In the hide he just lays down till needed. My dog is 7 now and is pretty experienced at that sort of thing so knows what is expected of him (though he does have his moments). I have been out with my mates dogs and they were running round scareing everything off so it depeds on the individual dog but i would say if you wanted to take a dog with you then go for it but don't expect too much from it at first. Spend plenty of time with it concentrating on training the dog more than shooting at first and in the end having a dog with you will increase your bag and make your day more enjoyable.
  13. A mixture of replies from both ends of the scale there ladies and gents. It's nice to hear of a few ladies getting out there and doing a bit with the dogs etc good on you all . I have yet to meet a lass that likes that sort of thing.
  14. I was wondering are there many women out there thet are interested in hunting with dogs shooting ferreting etc? Also what do peoples wives/girlfriends think about that sort of thing do they get involved or just tolerate it?
  15. It can help to keep a rabbit squatting while the dog goes down the beam. It's also supposed to put rabbits off a bit as they get near to cover sort of like a strobe effect, i do it but i'm not sure if it works really. I have also heard of people flicking the lamp off for a split second as a rabbit gets close to cover to disorientate it does anyone do this and find that it works, it seems like it could be a bit dangerous for the dog in some areas such as near to wire what are peoples thoughts?
  16. Are either of the dog pups still for sale mate?
  17. I have used both in .22 and found them both to be good guns i would get whichever you like the feel and look of as they will both do the job that you want
  18. I have an Hw 97k and AGS 3-9x50 mill dot scope for sale £200 i'm in yorks
  19. Yes you can but you have to take the front off then loosen the two screws at the back of the reflector, then you can move the reflector back and forward to focus the beam.
  20. Bull crosses aren't really my thing but i have seen a first cross and a bullgrey/whippet that would catch and retrieve rabbits live to hand on the lamp, my preference would be for a 3/4 bred rather than a first cross if i was using it for rabbits. They are fine with other dogs as long as they are socialised properly and fine with stock just like any other cross i have seen as long as they are broken properly.
  21. What's the earliest in the year people have caught rabbits with young uns inside? and what area were they caught in north/south? Last season i caught a pregnant rabbit on the 8th jan and this season i had one on on 28 december also saw a half grown bunny on lamp on 2nd jan i'm in north.
  22. Thanks for replys folks. Anyone know if dogs are as useful on all quarry as bitches? just wondering as dogs can be a fair bit bigger
  23. Anyone got any idea about where i could get a first cross deer/grey from? anyone know of any litters planned? I'm looking for a dog pup hopefully sometime in april. Also has anyone got any experience of seeing this cross working on various quarry day and night?
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