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  1. never drinking again ###################

  2. pluckers son

    confused about batteries?

    get a 12v 17amp batt mate, there about £50 and will last you all night
  3. pluckers son

    my first fish off the yr

    lets see it then
  4. pluckers son

    need a new carp set

    http://www.booksoncarp.co.uk/Baitorderingandprices.html or give him a ring mate or email. http://www.carpforum.co.uk/Shared/Messages.asp?TopicID=208911&StartRow=1 thats all about the "A" BAIT plus the other flavors......milk protien is jay the guy who started making the bait
  5. pluckers son

    need a new carp set

    have a look on the UK CARP FORUM site mate, lots of info there......but the bait i will be on this year is the "A" BAIT, take a look on jays site mate www.booksoncarp.co.uk
  6. pluckers son

    need a new carp set

    nice one mate roll on the summer
  7. pluckers son

    need a new carp set

    have a look on CLIMAX TACKLE web site mate, very cheap
  8. pluckers son

    fur loss on patterdale

    first thing i would do is feed the dog something other tha WEEBOX because its crap, food value is not a lot mostly water, try feeding raw meat chicken wings, mince, beef bones.....wash with head and sholders shampoo the flea...
  9. pluckers son


  10. pluckers son

    Making a Smoker

    get the 2 stroke made by sthill in 100ml bottles and add to 5L of petrol, smokes a treat...adding more oil will not make it smoke more it will feck it up pal
  11. pluckers son

    daddy again

    29 hours well done mate, are you looking forward to sleepless nights
  12. pluckers son

    dobie x whippetlurcher

    very nice pups pal
  13. pluckers son

    Nutall wheeler dog

  14. pluckers son

    dog food

    i use chudleys working crunch at £13 a sack
  15. pluckers son

    leaf springs

    better get my money out then, got a price of around £160 for a pair off MILNERS OFF ROAD, thats for everthing bolts bushes shackles the lot. thanks for your help guys