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  1. good price jamesy boy a will take a walk down 1 night you are not doing anything get a catch up with you.
  2. hi there was just too see if you have any hoodies left if so a will take 2 off of you??
  3. well done to the boy hope he does well. think a will give it a go tonight myself.
  4. hi mate would u swap for patterdale terrier or we could come to some aggreament??
  5. alright mate were are you from and have you gt any of the pups left?
  6. u up fur goin on the night

  7. u on sunday [bANNED TEXT] u up 2

  8. my bullx 28 inch tts just coming on 3 doing the job no bother at all.
  9. a know mate thats fine a will give u a call during the week get out a walk.
  10. alright james mate aye mate will need to get out soon. doo was saying about ur old dog f*****g gutter for you mate. what u got now??
  11. thats good mate we have been out a few day tryin but had no joy to yesterday thank god.
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