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  1. A lad at works mother from seaham not far from me had to have her finger amputated after a bite from one . Seaham woman loses finger after spider bite - ITV News - ITV.com
  2. http://www.agouti-nets.co.uk/ good quality gear.
  3. lol max alan was a good lad loved safc and his lurchers and terriers .I am looking forward to seeing how we do this season marra .my youngest lass has a season ticket and is sunderland daft like me but i have never been for years lol if you like hearing old sunderland hooligan story's i will have a few for you max ha ha ha red and white army.
  4. well done socks but she is the one who should be at court and the police should of backed your actions.
  5. Vin i might have some kits i mated that big sandy hob lol to a small sandy jill she has not had them yet but they will be some spare if you wanted one marra.
  6. bullgreyhound 1994 let us know what your two albinos produce .
  7. I might be wrong but it looks a like its made from a old hand grinder the stone has been took off and line holder put on some lads also use them to spin snares Danielm7353.
  8. Nobby


    Got a 600 suzuki bandit at the mo alright for a bit ride about .That gt 750 is a mint bike Flipper AI alway liked them i had a suzuki gt 250 when i was a kid and so wanted a gt 750 lol .
  9. well done hull sunderland never turned up
  10. Enjoyed the day Tomo&vin better that work thats for sure that land should keep you busy next year you will need to get a jimny to carry all the rabbits lol .
  11. get your sell in max you will be fine lol .
  12. me FTM well done to city good goals .
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