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  1. I personally think they are both guilty of little maddys death ,im pretty good at judging guilt is in their eyes . I believe they drugged them to sleep that night and gave Madeleine too much , when they found her they hid her body im positive they will find her body burried and tests will show it was drug related
  2. Happy Birthday my pal ,hope you have a fantastic day big kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. well i camped never seen any of ya only tg,true though a car boot but had a laugh and good weather so carnt complain
  4. i lost a ferret once to distemper ,caught it from the vets . i had taken him for the snip,so i suppose you have to be on your guard in all public places with em,sorry for slightly going off the subject
  5. when i got in the car coming home i just caught the last of the news ,i did google it and looked on the bbc news and itv news site couldnt find anything about the issue ,i was just asking if anyone had heard the story ,i later found a small clip on the net, by the way my name is not sweet chicks
  6. i only asked if anyone had any info of the happening ,all the posts always end up with f****** stupid remarks no wonder folks don't post no more
  7. found this bit on the net The trial of a Derbyshire man accused of using a trap baited with a live pigeon to catch birds of prey is due to start. Glenn Brown, 39, of Old Henry's School House, Derwent Valley, is facing charges under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and Animal Welfare Act 2010. It is alleged Brown, who worked as a gamekeeper on National Trust-owned land, used a cage trap baited with a live pigeon to trap birds of prey, and that a sparrowhawk was taken by the trap. The eight-day trial is due to start at Chesterfield Magistrates' Court on Monday.
  8. Not heard about it..........whats your view on it?...... until i hear the whole story its hard to really comment ,but with what i heard so far f****** stupid becoming a country of bunny huggers
  9. ive only heard half the news on the radio about cruelty case of a game keeper using pigeons trapped to catch bop ,has anyone else heard the story
  10. sue

    happy birthday sue

    cheers i had a lovely day thank you xxxxxxxxxxx
  11. oh ok fair enough i havent seen every post i didnt realise folk had resorted to personal insults...still not sure id call it bullying but i guess folk get brave on the internet and theres no need for it i agree I make the fella wrong myself but certainly not about to stamp my feet about it,its just an opinion thats all. Simoman its all well and good saying what if this and what if that......but the reality IS if you cant afford something you shouldnt have it,when that " thing " is an animal the only fair thing to do is give or sell it to somebody who CAN correctly care for it no matter
  12. we all get stuck for cash and fall on hard times but the dog was your mother in laws, and she had the cash to pay for treatment . why didnt you just ask her for help in paying in the first place and ask her if you could pay her back when you could ,dog could have been seen by a local vet and not suffered so long ,im not working at the moment so have no cash but i wouldnt drive round for hours trying to get free treatment it would be fast calls to raise the funds so i could take it to my vets ,if not explain to my vets the situation and some good vets let you pay your bill off in installments
  13. i very really buy any dog food at all , if i do then its when im at shows but the rest of the time its whats been left off the dinner plates,and any spare catch thats how all my family have fed their dogs,my last dog died at the grand age of 18 so carnt be doing much wrong
  14. I have a electric training collar for the dogs and it seems to be a little poorly switches on but thats it ,does any one know where i could get i repaired
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