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  1. Hi all i have for sale my immaculate x bolt the gun is only 8 months old fired 137 rds,its screw cut, the rifle shoots clover leaf groups with a load i gratefully got from a chap on the SD just had to adjust the oel slightly to tighten, the rifle also comes with a compleat load set up which are Rcbs die set Rcbs shell holders Rcbs neck trimmer approx 50 rounds of my home load 60 rounds of factory loads aprox 200+ various empty cases some primed 1 and a half boxes of 95 gr v max heads approx half a tub of H380 powder The piccy of the target is a 200yd zero (pulled the 5th) I am looki
  2. hi all! i have got 4 insa turbo dakars for sale looking for £100 for the set, they have only done about 500ish miles were used as off roader tyres they are about 4 years old and are 235 75 15 im in wiltshire if anyone is interested. cheers stu
  3. i use h 414 45gns behind a 75ballistic tip does the job very well and accurate out of my mannlicher and the rifle is 20 odd years old but to be honest i prefer the 87gn h/p in the .243 works for me Thanks mate! what was the grouping like with them?
  4. Hi all just made a load for my 243! Its 75gr v max with 38 to 41gr of varmit! now the problem is the case is only half full, do you this combo with a different powder that is denser? thus filling the case more? cheers stu
  5. trying to send message!! empty ya box!
  6. Fair play!! Funny i had the exact same thing last week, was delivering to a farm and had the stalking hand book on the dash and the farmer asked me if i shoot!! Hell yeh to that he said i need all the deer from my 500 acre taken off! so i had to shake his hand and oblige Good times..
  7. I have nice t3 stainless laminate for sale!
  8. +1 that if your ganna do a job for a farmer make it a good one or you might not get a renew of permission!!
  9. LOL she know that there still in velvet
  10. firstly where are you! i am doing mine in 3 weeks with jelen deers services google them the team are brilliant give thema bell or mail mike the boss! oh and theres is a 3 day course
  11. +1 for the debans top bit of kit! tinnitus no thanks
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