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  1. May be wrong Pete and forgive me if I am . I belive you are not aloud (as a ringer) to ring wild birds this time of the year.
  2. Depends on how well they are being fed mate usually about the 6 day mark (c rings)
  3. Hi Pete don't come on all that often mate and taught what you where saying might not be a good example for the young that don't know any better
  4. He'll have a wet fetish if he gets caught .
  5. A bit confused mate "for what reason would you trap and ring wild birds" unless you have the authority to do it that is.
  6. Sounds like harvest mite. Leave it out in the cold might kill them of. Shop keeper must have kept the sack in the worm since last year.
  7. Weld a steel tube to the exhaust mate about 10" so it don't get to hot at the end where u attach the length of pipe.
  8. Well done mate.Isn't that the best feeling in the world.
  9. A true hunter "ahh knock it on the head" u must be one of them big game hunters.
  10. Just my opinion millet but that bird has lived with its deformity for a long time the chances are if you provide it with food in your garden it could live as long again. to cut its beak might kill it.Perhaps someone with knowledge of trimming beaks can help but I know what I would do, Good luck to the bird and u P1
  11. Keep an eye on the one on the right (cock) it's beek will soon need a trim.Nice birds good luck with them.
  12. U might get something from the goldie if u are lucky, but why not get him a hen.I can't understand why u want to mix the Greenie blood.Plenty of time to mess about when u have a little more experiance and with luck birds to mess with.Just my taughts mate and the very best of luck what ever u do P1
  13. I got a hen u could have but u're to far away ,sorry mate
  14. No longer required,Big heavy mincer,whole rabbits,dear and sheep rib bones no problem in fact if it goes in,it will get minced. Very good condition,paint work shows its age.Collection only.(conceder delivery if not to far) Sandhurst,Berkshire £120 for quick sale. PM if interested (no time wasters) P1
  15. Ash;;;;;;; last Saterday of mth
  16. I know they use bengalese for Gouldian finches mate not sure about canarys though but don,t see why not, personaly I would rather have the canary hens rearing as using foster parents may create a whole new set of problems imo, also the bengalese should be hatching and rearing there own young without any problems, maybe a husbandry issue or maybe they,re just past it or mabe their all hens
  17. Posted one to Scotland it cost £45 so up to you and would need cash up front. john
  18. If you pay I'll post it's not heavy but I'm sure it would cost a fair bit I could take the wood stand off as it isn't really needed.Can price if your really interested.
  19. lure machine bigger moter than others on here very little use £100 o.v.n.o. smoker very reliable light,works first every time £50 to clear
  20. para1


    Price reduction £100 for lure machine.
  21. I got one mate £100 in Sandhurst Berkshire realy good machine pictures on here somewhere. Page 17 under smoker. P1
  22. Moll stick them in a cage and take them to the local pet shops you 'll get a few £ on them
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