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  1. handy bitch she looks as though shell be able to get places too
  2. nice so that's sire and dam .cheers mate .was there any bitches in the litter who did they go to?
  3. have you any pics of her
  4. bit like me on my first 3 or 4 trips to the pub I always stripped my coat off lol
  5. Is his K C name Tylers cheeky lad or Old man Levi how old is the dog ? if it is one of these he was born on the 13/12/2009 so that surely must be litter brother to my dog rocky road oates
  6. just lined a bitch with him queen smokey little baying bitch not asked her to do a lot . hoping to breed something a bit mediocre if you know what I mean.. judas is a bit too hard for my liking seems a lot of the monty stuff is. hope this goes on not too clued up on laptop .been a while since I been on the site bout 6 yr due to marriage break up
  7. its a dog never tried him yet but looks to ov done a bit .born 13,12,09
  8. got one same way bred ludworth Montgomery to sweet little red 4yr old small world isn't it
  9. Breeder of my excellent terrier. Thanks mate.