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  1. Hi guys and gals Can anyone help with the above please the lurchers food guarding against us with things like raw bones but the other dog anything she sees as food Any tips or methods please Thank you Neil
  2. Hi dig deeper Is dog number 4 for sale at all? Only reason I ask is if not someone is using your picture to sell their dog on pets for homes
  3. I do carp fishing mainly with a bit of course fishing, I was looking at rods on eBay and some tackle for sea fishing like but I'm not 100% on if its suited lol this is how basic I am on sea fishing is the breakwater the wall type thing lol I'm gonna get a little book or something cos I have no idea what makes a fishy spot in the sea lol is there plenty of mackerel to be had there? Thanks mate
  4. Thanks kev great info where would be best to start as a beginner never done coast fishing just hoping for sumat for the BBQ weather permitting. Lol
  5. Hi does anyone fish the coast at dawlish / dawlish warren? Just looking for a bit of advice / tips as we are there mid July and going to try my luck Thanks Neil
  6. Brilliant thanks pal thanks for the advice will any shampoo do it then?
  7. Haha I was googling and finding leather coming up and I also found it for pregnant women lol cheers for letting me know mate, I was tempted to use me daughters baby shampoo but didn't wanna irritate the skin would baby oil help?
  8. I've put frontline on her was due 15th but did it Friday just to be safe I've been out and got some fresh fish for her and cod liver oil, would she need the jab aswell then or would you see how it goes?
  9. Ooh ok so it could be like wash powder? Or something like that? Did ya have to get anything for the dog pal?
  10. No mate she's not as such it does come out but I think she's nibbling at it
  11. Nice 1 will try this then thanks Whiskey do u mean she's on 2 high protein food or giv more and the heats effecting her Ill have a look for jojo cream
  12. I will pick some up mate thank you I've got the caps of cod liver oil but am I better getting the oil ?
  13. You don't think it's anything more like mange? Will get out this morning then and get some fish for her Thanks again for your help
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