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  1. Snap mate, I still have some of his letters. photos etc and copies of articles he sent me, I lost touch just over 12 months ago, my fault.
  2. A true lurcherman of the old school, proud to call him a friend, swapped many a letter and photo with Sammy, RIP to a real gent.
  3. Try teaching the lurcher to hold on command, when doing your dummy training, let it stand with you holding the dummy, do retrieves and use hold when coming in, teach it this by placing the dummy in its mouth and gently closing its mouth saying hold, then when it understands start using it with rabbits, saying hold, the penny usually drops and they start retrieving to hand.
  4. I have had lurchers for over 30 years and live in an area where whippets are very popular, I have a whippet just on 12 months, I didnt want any more lurchers, as I am easing up on the rabbiting, I just wanted a little dog to mooch about locally and get me out, we have whippet racing twice a week and shows if you want to show, non pedigree whippets go for around £150 with KC about £200-£300, to me thats not bad for the fun you get. My pup has had 3/4 rabbits and is learning to hunt and ratch cover off my old lurcher bitch but many here are used to lamp and ferret. That said some will ask £500 f
  5. Many pups lugs are all over the place and then when the big teeth have cut they settle down differs with breeds and maturity.
  6. It is mate, sadly passed away last year aged 13Sorry for loss mate what percentage acd & grey was it mate?? atb cbx 50/50 ACD X Grew x ACD X Grew
  7. It is mate, sadly passed away last year aged 13
  8. Never trained anyone elses dog for similar reasons already stated but been with young lads day and night, I have given them assistance it a variety of tasks etc, lamp training with dummys, jumping, recall all the usual things that can be a problem, those that want to learn will and can always ask, those that dont and have had the dogs 5 minutes and know everything about nothing I struggle to tolerate. Maybe Im just getting a grumpy old git.
  9. Sorry to read the sad news mate, only just seen it, havent been on this section for a while, RIP Maggie,
  10. 20-21 inch I think mate, tall and racy
  11. Quite racy built really, bred locally in Cumbria, hot bed for whippets this area.
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