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  1. lol good idea il rig up a remote and let them have it when they poke their heads out
  2. Hi all I am after a black powder cannon with this spec or similar .69cal 12-14" cannon if anyone has one please Rick
  3. Hi all I had a result today when the postman came I e-mailed RCBS the other day and asked them if they could send me or give me the correct size for the little plastic screw which secures the 10th of a grain wheel on my 5-10 scales and in the post this morning was a little plastic screw for my scales ;D so top marks to RCBS for supplying me with the screw free of charge ;D probably cost them more in postage than the plastic screw cost to make. came all the way from America and postage was $2.05. Rick
  4. arcpest


    Hi does anyone know where I can get one of these please Rick
  5. Hi the obvious choice is a ruger 10/22 you can get them reasonably cheap second hand for a nice basic model I picked up mine the other month it cost me £325 but has a hogue over mould stock auto bolt release extended mag release trigger job and an 18" stainless fluted barrel and with standard cci ammo I can get consistent groups of .4" to .6" and has cycled all iv put through it without any hang ups. Rick
  6. Hi all does anyone use or has used a lee zip trim? I ask because iv buggered 2 lee case length gauges, because of my grip of small things I have to put it into a cordless drill and it always seems to get loose and cuts the cases smaller and smaller and when I tighten it up its ok for a while then just gets loose again and eventually breaks so I need a different way of doing it without spending to much which is why I was looking at the lee zip trim. Rick
  7. Hi all does anyone have any experience with the 135gn sierra HPBT match in 308? Rick
  8. Hi all iv just done a test which was recommended by another forum and its measuring a primed unfired case them firing the case and measuring it again, here are the results Hi iv just measured then fired 3 primed cases and measured again and here are the results. Oh my primers are magnum primers. unfired cases 1 1.996" 2 1.996" 3 1.994" fired cases 1 2.002" 2 1.999" 3 1.999" The difference is .006" .003" .005" so by these calculations does that mean my head space is wrong? and if so is my rifle same to use? Thanks Rick
  9. Iv just been given some rws and Lapua brass the Lapua are once fired the rws have had 3 loadings so I was thinking of loading 5 of each once I get some more TR140. Rick
  10. Hi iv had 1 complete separation and another 8 or 9 with the ring round the base where its started to split. Rick
  11. Hi all can anyone tell me what the difference in the letters and numbers on dies is all about please RCBS 308win seat 4, Lee 308 E8, 308 LO, 308 !10, 308 K2, 308 H2 Thanks Rick
  12. Hi I realise the tape thing is not a good way to check it but it was the guy at the range who said my head space was wrong and to try it! the rifle has only fired 550 rounds since new I am the first owner its a howa 1500 in 308 the shells im reloading are lapua from a friend who shoots to 1000 yards so his loads were worked up to 2900fps so quiet hot and the brass he reloaded 12 to 14 times and iv reloaded them twice, iv checked some ppu ammo I fired and they show no sign of splitting! Rick
  13. Hi all how do I check my head space without a gauge? I ask because when up the club one of the guys said the problem iv been getting with the head separation is because of the head space and not the brass! can anyone shed any light on this please. He said if I can get 2 bits of selotape on the back of the shell and still close the bolt then my head space is wrong and that's why the shell are separating! I got 2 on and I felt a bit of resistance and a lot of resistance with 3 on the back of the case. Rick
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