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  1. They have all been the same... I've had a few good nicks off them so has one of my next door neighbours...heheeee He phoned me up said" Eyup have you lost a ferret... The little barsteward has just jumped up and bitten me in my back garden... It had managed to get out of the hutch through some slightly loose wire and gone off hunting ... by the time I went to check she was back in the hutch with the kits fast asleep..lol. They are just starting to calm down now and let me into the hutch and allowing me to touch them.
  2. I was in need of some extra workers last season... So I drove overnight on a 480-mile round trip to pick up a couple of spare hobs from this line etc. I myself have driven over a hundred miles round trips delivering ferret kits to new owners in the past. . . .theres' folk on here who can vouch for that.
  3. This is litter 2 from the sister of other litter and same Hob etc..This litter was born same day but she only had 6...they grew so much faster in the 1st couple of weeks compared to the litter of 10.I took one from the other litter that was the runt and put it in with the smaller litter.... it has thrived and turned out a little belter, full of energy and fearless. When they started on the raw they all soon caught up though. I've seen some skinny looking kits on the internet advertised lately. . . . . . sod that, they should be like puppies, full of life, fat and happy. This litter is very strong. As you can see, the mothers are like peas in a pod..you can tell them apart.
  4. vin

    Wet behind the ears

    Not Sure buddy... Dog's gone to a good home now anyway.
  5. vin

    Wet behind the ears

    if you're not bothered about a pup etc..theres a lass on here called Michaela who has a nice young beddy/collie grey type young sapling for sale...she's a genuine decent lass..I would imagine the dog to be spot on if its anything like her ferrets.. the dog looks well and I'm sure would do the job if it doesn't already.
  6. That's all I can hope for now buddy. I have done my bit. If I die tomorrow I know I will have left something worthwhile for the future of ferreting. Your welcome to one matey. I'm not asking for money off anyone I know. I just want them in the right homes with genuine chaps.
  7. vin

    Smal? Greyhound type ferrets

    The Jill is long and lean but also very strong and muscular if that makes sense.... She's as fat as I can get her at the moment with all this lot draining her...but in the winter when they're fit they do look very long and very lean little machines. Incredibly fiesty with the bunnies but not strong enough to hold a big buck down on their own, Great for the none digging type work...Don't get me wrong they will kill if they can get a hold and when they do they are very very reluctant to let go. But I favor a Hob for that job obviously.
  8. They're nearly ready chaps...
  9. vin

    Smal? Greyhound type ferrets

    Mine are as close to what you speak of as your going to get these days.. the jills are small, lean and mean...
  10. vin


    It cools them down from being sweaty...lol. Drill smaller holes on the top and I can honestly say I haven't had a problem...they're not in the box long enough to get wet matey. oh and Tomo won't go ferreting in the rain..he doesn't like getting his hair wet.
  11. vin


    had mine 7-8 years so far and it's as good as the day I bought it. They do get sweaty, but if you put a few more holes in the top and even the lid they are fine....... they don't stink like those pissy old wooden boxes and they are easy to hose clean inside and out. They cost more than wood obviously. If I was starting out again and funds were low I would just buy a good strong well made wooden one. but I've had a few of the wooden ones in the past and they were so thin the ferrets chewed there way out.
  12. vin


    Has anyone got a contact for Mr Wasp? I've messaged him but he's not been online for ages.
  13. vin


    The more I look the more interesting it gets matey..... I'm sure there'll be a drone for the job sooner or later... We will be able to do it from home.... lol
  14. vin


    I've been playing about with an 8 Meter Pole... Promising. I think I can make a system better and cheaper than whats on offer... when I do...I will show you how.
  15. vin


    tell me more Please Budgie123. Or PM me please.