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  1. Hey lads n lasses, I've got a bull terriers grey hound and his preformence isn't lacking but he is coming up to 10 years old, I was wondering if there is a recomended age were I should retire him? Thanks in advance
  2. This is rivit at 8 weeks old patterdale X JRT she is my first den dog as I've always had running dogs
  3. top stuff mate, wish i was out lamping now i hate working full time,
  4. i know what you mean, me and my mates hang sh*t on each outhers dogs, but we dont go out of our way and give shit to outhers dogs we dont know.
  5. off for a hunt with my whippetX and a mate and his stagXgrey ;)

  6. i cant beleve the people who would flog outher dogs, it's not on at all, i dont know what'd id do if some one took my dog but thay wouldnt be the most healthy peopel if i ever caught them! Hers hoping the best for the poor old boy and his dogs!
  7. thay are real, ive never caught one but friends have shot them.
  8. not bad mate keep at it
  9. nice one mate, im going out later on with my dog and the shotguns arfter the cricket match
  10. knock it on the head, just dont brag or do use a air gun and also dont brag.
  11. aye,, what part of australia are you? if your close you should come for a run with my 2 dogs and your stag. im in victoria BTW
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