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  1. wheaten

    Sportdog Gps Trackers

    Ring Craig he's one of uk stockists of all the sportdog not just tracking he has anti bark collars the lot Tel: 07710670376
  2. wheaten

    Sportdog Gps Trackers

    I have the tek 2 I know they little more expensive but believe they track better and longer distance
  3. wheaten

    For Sale Tracking Collars

    He wants 800 the box is brand new
  4. Brand new garmin Astro 320 and two used T5 collars Put up for a friend anyone interested let me know and I'll pass his number on
  5. wheaten

    Sport Dog Trackin Units

    I received my tek2 track and train Friday six collars all in all! Alll set up now and I'll be running hounds with garmin T5 collars and others with the tek2 so I'll let you know the outcome
  6. wheaten

    Sport Dog Trackin Units

    I believe the maps are straight forward just waiting for my unit to arrive ! Tec1 with how many collars
  7. wheaten

    Sport Dog Trackin Units

    Well think I'd rather have communication with dog than better map! The sportdog unit uses two different type of satellites I'm led to believe! A friend of mine is starting to sell the sportdog tec 1 and 2 units and also the trainer collars anyone interested let me know and I'll pass you on
  8. wheaten

    Sport Dog Trackin Units

    No problem at all to be fair ! Just heard the tec 2 is better plus you get 3 years warranty garmin shit for us in uk
  9. wheaten

    Sport Dog Trackin Units

    I have the astro 320 n T5 at minute but just ordered the tec2 and 6 collars
  10. wheaten

    Sport Dog Trackin Units

    Which unit did u buy lee ? Tec 1 or 2
  11. Astro 320 with 2 T5 and 3 dc40 collars £1000
  12. Is anyone using the sport dog tracking system tec1 tec2?
  13. wheaten

    Hunting On Your Own

    Suppose it's ok if you plenty of open country to go at going out on your own! But too many roads round us for no one to be on them and make sure hounds cross safely
  14. wheaten

    Garmin T5 Collar

    Yes I have a great idea! Just swap your new T5 collars with someone who has 2 dc40 collars And it so happens I have 2 so I'll meet up with you and out of goodness of my heart I'll do a straight swap lol