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  1. Lol Tomo you prob eat more biscuits than him also lol
  2. More bullshit and waffell Get back to taking your meds .
  3. Desperate is as desperate does
  4. Hey your forgetting a Englishman winning the European Golden Boot
  5. Thought you said you didn’t know we were down there. I was posting on other topics when we were down there which you would of normally trolled and you did not . Your not clever enough to try and lie so don’t bother lol
  6. Not at all I was posting pics on the Cornwall thread .
  7. He’s all over trolling my posts left right and Center at every opportunity - always . Im no one to be scared of I don’t go threatening folk if I’m getting stick then as soon as I’m down there posting pics ect not a word from uncle bumble . Coincedence or his true colours Make your own mind up . Personally I was hoping he got bored lol but as soon as I’m back north once again he’s all over every post .
  8. Fowey a shit hole ???? Where do you live ffs
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