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  1. We have some fresh pvs14 3rd gen white phosphor. In stock ready to ship. Located in oregon. Theae are brand new 3rd gen milgrade american made pvs14 with white phosphor elbit xlsh tubes average about 2300 fom. 2750 shipped
  2. We are a two man company offering 3rd gen night vision all USA made 10yr warrantys on BFF systems. We, like lots of you guys have been so envious of the guys at the range,ranch, or fields when we see the cool kids with the nods. Well we spent dozens of hours trying to build our own off ebay and uses tube builds pieced together from mutiple sources etc. After struggling to meet the quality and robustly tough and long lasting builds that the d.o.d has been putting on the heads of our vetrans and active duty for years. Like the saying goes if you can't beat them join them" came into.
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