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  1. You could say that ye, bag already to go. Happy hunting
  2. Before dotty starts with all the shit from when I was in my very early twenties, I’d just like to say I’ve met some really good lads of here that I’m still friends with today, one even become my best mate. Sadly he passed away not that long ago. These days I ain’t got time to sit and argue on the internet life’s to short! I’m just happy doing normal things lol, alb to everyone for the new year
  3. 100% agree with you pal, maybe I could of worded it different. More of an impulse thread. My intentions weren’t to upset anyone. I go out with plenty of dogs with all sorts in them that are good dogs, long as the man that feeds them is happy that’s all that matters. I’m of to try get another hour kip before I get picked up going to be a long day. Alb to you.
  4. No there’s a few about as I’ve said my pals had a line 20 odd years, Also know of a few more. I just like the half crosses etc with nothing else in them and was interested to see some more and hear of other peoples opinions etc on them. One thing I will say is this dogs a lot harder work than a bull cross of the same age. A lot different experience than the bulls and beddies
  5. I call them my girls pal same difference lol just a habit. my younger girls only been going about 8 months she’s coming on well, the 13yr old is doing very well, competing at a high level. I enjoy it as much as the dogs tbh no good being a punch bag dad though
  6. Can’t say I’m bothered about that reply tbh, had the old beddy cross till he died of old age, had the old bull grey bitch till 3 weeks ago died of old age. My pal took the Russel about two weeks ago. I still have the little hounds and couldn’t do the Russel justice because I’m out with the beagles to much and yes the same old little hound is here I had back all them years ago old and grey now and still works like a good un, he was first one. he’s out this morning on a drive. I’ve been around wheaten crosses a long time 18 years as my pal keeps a cracking line and know them well. Times are chan
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