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  1. Thank you. I don't really use facebook so hadn't thought of that.
  2. He doesn't really go for small prey. He does take rats - not seen any massive absolute units - but they arent baby ones. He can pick off the odd one, but obviously one cat can't take down a serious rat problem, they have a completely different hunting style to dogs, which is why we need a terrier to go crazy on them.
  3. We have a rat infestation and are looking for help getting rid of them. Our neighbour was feeding rats on thier property (!) and built up an impressive population. When she stopped feeding them they moved into our stable/barn area and there are now too many for my cat to keep up with. We don't want to use poison because of our cat and Labrador. Is there anyone around the Anglesey area with a dog or ferret that can help? Not asking for a freebee - happy to pay.
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