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  1. I am watching Deadwood at the moment. It would be ok if there was more swearing in it. Seriously great series.
  2. Simple question suite yourself.
  3. You are spot on and put it very well. the British Bull Dog is a lovely dog but just look at what they have done to it. They set the standard, Broad chest Flat face Bowed legs. The breeders set out to breed the flatest face the broadest chest and so on. Another example Pekinese, Sharpei, King Charles Spaniel. The list just goes on an on. The GSD bears little resemblance to the dog that Von Stephanitz created and he must be spinning like a top in his grave. I dont know about the Mal. As far as inherited faults go. If i was a young Man I would love to give one a go.
  4. Its just doing what pups do. It will grow up and get steadier. Meanwhile just do things with it. These are vital times. Dont take the pup out for a walk, take it out for a play. Surprise the dog with a game when its not expecting one get it facinated with you. Dont encourage it to go of and play with other dogs or the habit will get set and this is what he will train himself to do. Put the mobile away and concentrate on the dog and be one step ahead. Getting a play retreive is vital at this time. Using a ball to start with will do no harm. I used a thrower many years ago but overdid it and if
  5. I once well twice stiched my German Shepherd and Collie. I was broke when I stiched the Collie. I went to the vet and just asked for a collar and like a flash she was round the counter and whilst fitting it found the stiches. They reported me to the RSPCA. They rang me up were very nice and said you obvously love your dog dont do it again. Effing Vets.
  6. Well personaly I think we should remember that these guns were made to brilliantly perform at 10 Meters. I know people shoot them out to 50 yards but I see no point in overstretching them. I only Bench Rest and I am looking to do groups about one third of the size of a 5p. This I can do very regularly at 20 yards and often at 25yards. If I pushed it out further than this the groups would open up and a lot of my pleasure would be lost. Another factor with these target guns is the wind. At 6 ft lbs mine seem to be quite suseptible to wind. I suppose the problem is the slow pellet. Curiously I ha
  7. I have the 66 and the 75 the 75 just beats both my 300's
  8. FWB 300su (universal). I have a Modern Iris on it now. I shoot out to 25 Yards bench rested. Its only 6ft lbs It was made for some Olympics a long time ago as a 10 meter rifle. Its a joy to cock and shoot. If they made it today I think you would need a Bank Loan to buy it. Second Hand today. £350 ish although I paid a lot more for this example.
  9. Weihrauch diopter with now on both diopters iris extenders fitted to the same irises which are the Centra Twin. My best 77 the top gun blue iris will out to 28 yards (max in garden) beat all my 10 meter recoilless 10 meter target guns. FWB etc.
  10. Sorry making a mess of this excuse Newby.
  11. Hw77 20 yards outside open sights.
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