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  1. You get get a powder online that stops the bleeding straight away,think it’s called styptic powder
  2. Best footballer ever?
  3. Rapeseed is lethal to dogs,ALL parts of the plant,it can cause blindness too
  4. I just get the puppy vacs and the first booster,I don’t vaccinate after that but I do titre testing about one every three or four years to check their immunity levels,people tend to over vaccinate imo
  5. Conn Iggulden,the wars of the roses,has a lot of similarities to game of thrones
  6. Nice looking dog,hope he gets a good home
  7. Sinistre


    Have you still got the Phil Drabble and Plummer ones?
  8. Have you still got the plumber ones?
  9. They ARE used as a wormer and very effective I believe
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