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  1. Hi bro I'm looking for good quality goldfinches cock birds to mule with my border canaries any help please message me thanks 

    1. Rudeboy 1

      Rudeboy 1

      Hi fellow hunter's listen now im in the process of writing a few articles for various sporting magazines so to be honest and perfectly honest I really don't have the time to write any replies to folk 😕 who seem somewhat concerned about my new line of longdogs...don't be surprised as to why I'm going to produce a new bloodline of whippet x greys longdogs that's my future plans who knows i might be dead by then so please don't feel threatened by my future plans.?..and yes I will leave some sport for those who have not been fortunate enough to have taken considerable hauls of freshly caught 😀 conies for the larder lol you know the score boys...to be someone must be a wonderful thing a famous footballer or dog breeder and be number one loved by everyone! 76d1f3a87e39df4f5a8d850c63040fd8.jpg.680198e700c300a14269dd1e022ee5ad.jpg








    2. Rudeboy 1

      Rudeboy 1

      WHo remembers a gentleman from the English Rose who bred a fantastic outstanding bloodline of saluki x greyhound longdog/ hybrid namely Darren Gallagher? His name was widely reputed through out  the country for breeding and subsequently producing his prized longdogs coupled to the fact his dogs were absolutely fantastic amazing and genuinely bred from experience and knowledge that was based upon self taught schooling.These superior desert cross hybrids were undoubtedly absolutely fantastic longdogs that were undoubtedly top class hare killers that would actually humiliated strong hares in the coursing field and the various peat fens up and down the country.Gallagher k ew as to how to proceed breeding another end product. 

  2. Good Strong line fading a bit but bang on.carl Williams 

  3. Ok Steve na any dog or bitch e exceeding 20 inches cannot be eligible  for the n.c.c.

  4. Carl Williams whippet x greyhound 

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