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  1. what is the definition of an eu poplecat?
  2. looks a bit like a chinese atn copy. but it does seem to have interchangeable 18650 batteries. it does have a balistic calculator but mentions nothing about a laser range finder or abl that is compatible
  3. sorry for that hope it does work well now
  4. question to the people who got experience with jagd terriers. from the few people i know of who got experience with jagds i heard that they kind of have a will of their own. and so are way more difficult to control and to learn things than say a patterdale. for instance they said to me that they had such an high prey drive that it would be as good as impossible to for instance catch rats in a chicken pen without also killing all the chickens. how do the people here think about stories like that? are they controlable or not?
  5. like said before it is not always a numbers game for me also today it was just one rat that we caught. but it was in the ceiling of someones daughter. so they where more happy than a farmer where you catch 50 rats.
  6. what type of breed is that? do you hunt rats with them yourself? how much do they weigh and how tall/small are they.
  7. i got most of the licences possible. but for my this reliant is briliant. it has a galvanized chasis. a body of glassfiber. so not much will rot away on this car. it is a simple car to do most of the repairs yourself. parts are still for sale new and used. it is low in weight and also efficient with petrol so cheap to drive. because of the 3 wheels the light wheigt and beacause it is narrow and small i can reach almost any rat hunting space really close by without much chance of getting stuck. so that all of the ratting gear is close and quick at hand when needed.
  8. pike and perch around where i live is crap. the water here has to much salt for those fish sea bass can be good to fish around my house though and they are great fighters and taste great. eel is alo possible
  9. so if i understand correct the longer coated pat is more protected against plants but does take more time for the owner?
  10. just wanted to show you guys the crazy shaking method one of my dog ravi has developed. my son calls her shake the raving tornado shake. somehow her shake seems to help her a lot to protect her from rat bites. she grabs the rat ant the back starts shaking them like crazy while also spinning around herself. if enough life is shaken out off the rat she starts cruncing the spine and as final crushing the skull. it takes a bit of time but if there are more rats to be caught she moves to the next quick(if she is able to she/hear that there is an other rat) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXqBEiQZ
  11. i got a smooth coated patterdale myself but in many pictures i also see pats with half long rough hair on them. is there other than the hair other differences between the 2 ? and does the longer hair work better for the pat in bush high gras brambles nettles and such. does the long hair collect sticky weeds and are they hard to get out? i got 2 ratting terriers now one is a smooth coated pat the other is a fluffy haired kooierhondje x boernenfox. the pat goes throug bush and weeds and such well but she did once pick up a nasty cut(needed 4 staples) from sharp reeds. and on time af
  12. for some reason google decided to put one picture upsidedown and i didn't understand how to rotate it back to normal
  13. it is a reliant rialto slightly different body than the robin. it is my bad weather and/or longer range vehicle. i got quite some pictures with rats on the bonnet and the dogs on the roof i'll dig into the computer if i can find some more.
  14. is thl standing for the hunting life? what types of sports would be of interest to you and what type do you tink my country could offer you in a better way than the uk? you can aso send in personal message if better. if you want to you are more than welcome to come over and if you got something to make a camp i got a peace of land that you can camp on as long as it seem like funn to both of us.
  15. thanks a lot for your helpfull words. the people here around my home who have seen me ratting often make the joke his dog go totaly crazy for the rats but we still think he himself goes even more crazy than his dogs for rats. the big Barn Poultry sheds and Battery Chicken farms i only wish that out here i could find places like what i have seen on you tube from the uk. out here they are way more tidy and the best i managed to harvest in one long day with ferrets and 1 and a half dog and airgun was just 63 rats. on a dutch chicken farm. next close followed up hunt there 28 and then 14
  16. i once did use to do that but now in the computer age i dis learned (don't even know if that word exists) to do that. because in loads of computer conversation using the paragaph button is making a complete new awser post. and i hat that.
  17. and then back to the mean part. the reason why i started out this thread. a small ratting dog breed. differnt country might have just had differnt ways of dealing with thing. and for some reason in Česko something diffent than in england happend to their ratting dog and the Prazsky Krysarik a small ratting breed was born. and in germany the miniature pincher was born for som reason these countries did seem to see so much need for a small ratting dog that they started breeding a small ratting dog. some how they did breed them once upon a time and now at least i can't find much about it, they
  18. what im doin in the game is not just catch huge numbers of rats(although i also like huge numbers of caught rats) what im trying to do is to try to kill the last remaining rat and to get a happy rat free client. and when both my body the bodies of my other team players have all been working their lazy asses of and the all just can't destroy the ratting hide out and can not reach them. it might come in handy to have some special tiny forces at hand that can reach them. by the way wanted to give a tumbs up for the firts part of your reply. but because of the last 5 lines (exept fot that final
  19. i understand your point about using a tiny terrier against a big fox, and the compairison using a tiny ferret against a big rat verry well. and it does hold its ground for sure. but even than what about small foxes? and what about small rats? and what if they have their hide our with very tiny pass through holes that can not be dug out by the terrier or the ferret? did you never had that happen to you that your whole team of hunting animals was sure that there was something hiding somewhere but it was just impossible to force it from their hiding. to me my job is not to catch as many rats as
  20. i still got interest in a dog ful grown small enough to crawl under a pallet though. i still don't know for sure if it will work well i just think it might. i also got ferrets in different sizes for a reason. and i have been in many rat hunting situations when i would have prefered a smaller dog over a big ferret. for me the dog does not need to kill the rat under the pallet and like with using ferrets i don't think it would happen often. but a smaller dog is more easy to control and direct into the right direction than a ferret. and the dogs surronding the pallets will catch way more rat
  21. when i wanted to buy my newest dog van hamelen i asked the breeder(who usess them on fox and badger most of the times) if there would be any pups that would work well on rats. he told me that is simple bring along a live rat and and you can see what pup has the drive for it. when i got to the breeder i first wanted to see the pups(he had 2 nests at that time. and i allready saw a few smaller pups in the nest that got my interest. we when for a walk with the dog and i made up my mind.. that one was the pup i wanted to take home. but then i thought about the live rat i still had with me. well i
  22. and for now can we please go on about the original post and quite the crap. or at least don't make negative/ calling name like assumptions. i think that is not the reason for a forum like this. the questioning and asking why or how is fine by me by the way. in my opinion a forum is a way of gathering and sharing information. and yes you will find people there who have a different way of doing things. to me that is why such a forum is of interest people with other knowledge than me. i don't care much about who has caught the most of rats in their lifetime. to me it matters if i might learn s
  23. patterdale pups van hamelen scared and traumatized for life after her first encounter with an nose atacking baby rat
  24. patterdale pup van hamelen went to the pub way to early and starting a bar fight because some shitty baby rat treid to bite her nose
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