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  1. Unfortunately where I live we are in full lockdown and if she catches it every bird in a 10 mile radius will br culled and I am good Freinds with a chicken farmer who has 2 million chickens and I don’t think I could look him in the eye if I’m the reason he lost a lot of money
  2. She is a parent reared Harris hawk it looks more just pulled out that dropped
  3. Moses2259

    Early moult

    This year as you probably know there is a lockdown on hunting your bird because of the bird flu, because of this we raised my birds weight by about 4 ounces and today I walked in to find out that she pulled a tail feather out. I think she has started her moult early but I don’t know if it could be stress because she hasn’t been flown since December, so you have any suggestions if she has started the moult should I just ride it out or drop her weight quickly to stop it? thanks
  4. Hello I have a few questions about flying a cast of Harris hawks, I wouldn’t get another one for a few years so it’s just out of curiosity for now. Could I introduce the second hawk after a few seasons of my female Harris hawk hunting or would I have to go out to buy a brother and sister. Also would they stay in the same mews or would they stay in 2 separate ones. thank you
  5. I have done that and have a few permissions now I thought I might try here just too see if there is any farmers on here who let me aswel.
  6. Hello I am looking for permission From land owners to hunt my female Harris hawk around Lincolnshire. She would hunt most vermin quarry, she has killed a hare before but that was very lucky and is very uncommon for a Harris hawk to kill such a big animal. If you require me to get any more insurance I will try. thank you moses
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