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    shooting, drinking, more shooting, even more drinking, a bit of ferreting and more drinking!
  1. jart


    she looks a cracker too mate is that the father to them both thats on the left of the picture? thats a nice little haul ya have does she fetch them back live to hand? i think mines had too many vermin and its made her a touch hard mouthed, fly is about 26" when she stays long enough to measure!!
  2. jart


    cheers mate "all edible game" like it good luck to you too mate
  3. jart


    cheers mate she,s a saluki x greyhound with a touch of collie, she has an excellent engine and can run forever!!
  4. jart


    cheers mate, she hardly has any problems with her feet infact the only problem she does have is fecking barbed wire!!! she has a habit of getting a bit lazy sometimes when she,s jumping it and making a mess of her legs but she,s getting better
  5. jart


    sorry to hear that mate she,s doing really well, took to lamping better than i thought retrieves aswell but a bit hesitant on the charlie boy but i,m sure that will come
  6. jart


    not quite at her fittest but i think she still looks well she,s 28 month and doing well (when i get the chance to take her out, the girlfriend is 6 month pregnant so i,ve got to keep her happy ) hope fully i,ll get another couple of months hunting before i become totally housebound
  7. jart

    night stalker lamp

    bought one meself mate and had nothing but problems, definitly gonna get a lightforce!!!!!!!!!
  8. jart

    best place to go lamping

    somewhere where ya dont mention the place where there at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. jart

    the land i hunt

    that land looks full of rabbits mate!!!
  10. jart

    favorite pics of your dogs

    isnt she cute!!!
  11. sounds like GASTRO-ENTERITES (i think thats how ya spell it) hope everything works out!!
  12. jart


    and make sure he isnt french!!!!
  13. jart

    barbed wire!!

    its a c**t mate!!!! a few pics of mine! i took them while she was sleeping!!
  14. jart

    barbed wire!!

    looks like yours has been in the wars , its a nightmare isnt it
  15. jart

    barbed wire!!

    excercising the dog this morning round a few local fields everything was going ok until she spied a rabbit on the other side of a fence, now these fields have just been cut and the tractor has left about a six foot margine of grass round the outside, after running about 10 yards to the edge of the grass she decided to take off and jump the fence!!!!!!!! she got her front legs and chest over but her back legs hit the wire with some force, after running and then missing the rabbit she came back to me with a limp it was then i noticed a tear in her leg i lifted her back over the fence and found another tear in the other leg , feck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got her back to a friends house where i left her to go and pick me car up and phone the vet, got her in the car and headed to the vets, when i got there he told me she needed stitches and to leave her with him (he was french!!) got a phone call later to come and pick her up, that is when i got f****d by a french man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (literatly!!) 15 stitches later he charged me £160. 01!!! dont get me wrong i,m glad she,s been put right but £160.01!!! i cant believe he left the penny on the bill!!! i just hope she learns to jump alot better!!!!!!