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  1. I've put a lot of coyotes in tubes. I rarely have seen one bolt. Its not very common.
  2. Maybe I'm just a skeptical hippo but I don't believe there are dogs at this present time made to dig coyotes with.
  3. Caught two more today. That brings us up to 76 so far this winter. Caught the biggest male of the year so far weighing in at 37 pounds. What a monster! Prolly the fastest coyote I've ran all year too and by far the toughest sumbitch.
  4. Them pics of ole boy pullin that coyote out are awesome. Good job SC!
  5. And yes Big G it would be nice to only breed from dogs and gyps that did them single handed but where would one go about finding these dogs.
  6. Key word being "good". Sorry but good just aint good enough for me. Plus most of them died of natural causes or whatever you want to call it. Getting kicked by a mule is pretty darn natural. HAHA!
  7. Hell No I aint goin in that water! It was like 20 degrees F out man.
  8. Stunt I hear ya loud and clear about the only coyotes left are the good uns. Man they are fast and tough right now. Run like the wind and fight like a warrior.
  9. Dogs circle it barking at it while it keeps munchin on grass.
  10. Broken foot and still on the throat. I'd say he's a keeper.
  11. Naw it aint that the mods or anything are doing it. Its just that for some reason I literally cant get the pictures to post anymore. No clue. Edit to say another weird thing just happened. I tried to quote shroom and it didn't quote.
  12. Ya I'm a quitter. HAHA! Naw this site hates me and don't want me to post pics so I gave up.
  13. Gotta laugh at the concern from these boys for that crossed up mutt. Send him to me boys and I promise I will take good care of him. HAHAHA! Now I remember why I haven't been on this site in a month. Too many folks hear some bullshit and go to taking it as fact without ever doing a f****n thing themselves.
  14. Naw I guess I don't need it but cuz of Flirt I use it on her ever time cuz I cant afford to lose a gyp like that bro. It would be a bad deal for me. I personally have never seen a female that could do what she does and make it look so damn easy.
  15. Thanks bro! I cant understand why I'm not able to post anymore. Its weird actin. I know its on my end but I don't know nuttin bout computers.
  16. I don't know whats goin on but I cannot post pics up on here anymore for some reason.
  17. I'm goin to c**t punt you stuntfag! I will be posting some pics of last weekend here in a day or so.
  18. Well we caught number 20 last night for this season I guess you would call it. I tried to put a pic up several times but the damn thing is actin up or something. Might try later.
  19. Wow them pics are great! I'd like to do that rabbit stuff someday. We don't have anything like that over here.
  20. Smaller or not you'd be shocked what a white tail buck around here will do to any type of animal be it man or beast if one was so inclined to take aholt of one.
  21. Somebody tells the truth for once. Thanks for that post brother. You just hit the proverbial nail on the head. That's why I have never seen a dog yet on this earth that could catch a deer where I live on any sorta consistent basis.
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