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  1. haha im deeply sorry it usually depends on if im on the laptop or my mobile, nothing personal! xxxxxxxx
  2. thank you so much, these past few days ive just been soaking up his lovely personality and getting to know him. ive owned many different breeds before but he really is the most interesting by far. a lot of his smaller traing sessions ave happened without him even realising it, as he has a natural drive to want to be around me, doing whatever it is i am doing. from feeding the ferrets to sleeping, hes always by my side. its truly amazing. x
  3. before i started looking for a new pup i thought i had a pretty good idea of how to go, mainly just experience, but after watching and listening to a few people on the internet it blew my mind. i dont expect him to be a world beater, but id like him to show some of the potential i know he has. and if all else fails, he makes a very good looking lap dog
  4. i really appreciate that, our daily walks include walking through life stock fields so i will be keen to see how quickly he gives up his little Mr perfect act because so far hes been good as friggin gold. i cant understand why the family couldnt cope with him, or maybe my other dogs are that tapped they make him seem normal haha. my only complaints with him is a) the yapping b)the food drive. i usually dont mind a god who loves to work for a treat but you can tell his old family really drowned him in treats and hes a stubborn little git x
  5. thats such a shame, it tends to be the case that everyone willing to let me tag along are really far away haha x
  6. id love to find a couple of people, if its any use i make a cracking brew haha. x
  7. we have 2 11 month old large breed bullies and weve taken things with them really slowly to let their bodies mature, so im planning on taking things nice and steady with little Brody. trying to find people local who dont mind someone tagging along is really hard, but ill keep trying. thank you for your advice, i really appreciate it xx
  8. oh no dont worry, no offence taken. ive run into far too many people who made a quick choice in getting a pup and then realised theyve made a big mistake. its giving breeders the opportunity to rocket puppy prices also which is horrible.
  9. i did think it was a bit over complicated when i watched a youtube training timeline and it look the dog over 12 months before even trying a rabbit. im more than prepared to put the work in but it made me wonder that surely 12 months is too long before even letting the dog familiarise with the rabbits speed, smell, feel etc? luckily my little one is fantastic off lead and with recall, he doesnt like to be far away even in the house so thats helped, and he seems to be a very quick learner which i love. hes getting introduced to the ferrets tomorrow, but if hes anything like he was with my cats
  10. i will have a look into those methods, thank you!
  11. i will certainly give that a go thank you xx
  12. I know, it's awful. i really feel for him. don't get me wrong the family who i got him from were lovely and they knew they massively fked up, but i really feel for him. i have 3 other older dogs, and just like them he is now part of the family and wont be going anywhere. x
  13. sorry, i should've explained a little bit more. he arrived with me today. the family i got him from bought him at 8 weeks as their first dog and didnt realise how much work he would be. they reached out to me (after seeing my advert) and asked if i could take him on. they took him to puppy classes once per week where he learnt to sit and "kind of" stay. however he has quite a few bad habits such as constant yapping but we will see how he is when hes settled.
  14. thank you for your reply, thats really useful. so far hes seeming to be very intelligent but has some bad habits that need straightening out (constant yapping). im going to take things really slowly over the next week or so while he settles in (ive also got a litter of pups due so him settling in has come at a good time). i have watched all the videos i could find and although the dogs are lovely i feel like nobody wants to spread knowledge.
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