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  1. Mine are all taped but still have to fiddle about with them to get them to charge some collars are couple of year's old and we added 4 more collars start of this season same thing is happening to them
  2. That's the problem mine are getting battered at a mark aerials getting chewed and collars caked in clay then when you put charger on them takes a while for light to come on to say there charging i was on to lad in clare about he said theres a small issue with them
  3. Rebel there's only 1 fault with them is the charging points
  4. We run 9 dog trace collars they do exactly what there supposed to do being wouldn't go without them now.
  5. No mate there out of my dog an bitch.
  6. I've straw in them never tryed the wood chips
  7. Terrier x beagle x terrier x fox hound
  8. Ended up with 3 fog didn't help
  9. Only the 2 today good hunting doh
  10. Back at last sunday ended up with 4 few good hunts still a bit warm.
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