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  1. cheers mate yes shes a cracker did have the intention of keeping her but now took a liking to the boy with the scar dont show on the pics but hes a lump of a pup a fair bit of size on the others and a great temperament so far realy confident let the old dog we have in the house out with them today as within 30 seconds he was hanging off it getting dragged round the garden lol
  2. few pics of my pups just gone 4 weeks old all coming on great and very forward confident pups been looking at the price of lurcher pups on the likes of pets4 homes ect people are off there heads ,,,ended up with 7 one died at a week or so old few less would of been nice as they have nocked the bitch for 6 pics dont do them justice boy with scar on his head thats how he come out
  3. no mate im not one for weighing them rely but shes not a heavy bitch at all light framed
  4. dont want to put anymore on here realy mate as shes seen abit but can pm me shes about 21.5
  5. dont know if i can trust the f****r DC hes fiends with the lad on fb so dont know if hes being genuine or not or just after a free pup told him what the lad did and he just ignored it and yh mate me dad keeps a few dogs around the house his old bitch is on her way out so she will live the rest of her days chilling out in the garden im gna give her abit start of season to get me pup going and that be it shes a good bitch just no good as a catch dog now to old and f****d
  6. hes a 5/8 3/8 bull grey out of wrecking crew stuff had the lad pm me saying the lad used his dog and was promised a pup but then sold the bitch
  7. hope so mate shes had a litter 2 years ago to a bull x and they all turned out grafters hard dogs so see how they go,not exactly ideal as alot of hassle having pups i had a couple of lads pm me when i said she was in pup told them a price and they have kept in touch so iv told them i dont want anything for them you get alot of people say there interested defo want a pup ect them comes to the time there doged up ect ect pain in the arse,the bitch has plenty proved her self shes over 8 years old and still as game as they come,the lad was a wanker probz expecting miracles off a dog he thought was
  8. it is fella yh,iv given 5 of the pups away,will sell the other 3 cheap to make some the cash back the wanker ripped me for
  9. my bull x whippet bitch pupped yesterday 8 pups 6 dogs 2 bitches here is a few of the pups
  10. not the end of the world black but no ones likes loosing 500 quid lol mans just a pisstaking c**t using others trust to his advantage happy to have his name run down over £500 says alot people on here know him becuse i had not herd off him for a few days then soon as i put the post up Wednesday he messaged me being sound saying its a confusion and that his mrs must of lied about it going in her bank ect and that he was going to pay it in today and was not happy that i mentioned his dads dog scouser but nothing today just back to blanking me had enough chances now so f**k him
  11. but i brought the bitch from cumbria her names rose
  12. Lancashire as far as i know pal,i know a few of pups from prev litter went up to scotland as spoke to a lad in west mids that has pup from her
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