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  1. You def wouldn’t be coming out the house lol
  2. Another load of shit ‘just let them in the pub for a drink if your going to let them sit together outside. Control Control Control
  3. And you always know the character of someone who constantly uses the word cur Prob got a American Bulldog that struggles to walk around the block on the end of the lead only good for shitting like a Horse and a British bulldog tattoo on your for arm ffs
  4. Don’t play no victim say it as it is ‘ it’s scummy c**ts like you who cry like f**k if you get some directed back . Now go play with munter in the sand pit ya backward fooker ‘ king not allowed fresh air to strong today .
  5. Few days ago young lad threw himself under a Train on the local east coast Line . As just said Covid restrictions has suicide thru the roof here in the U.K. and will impact figures going forward for years thru irriversable damage already done . RIP both them lads and I tip my hat to the lad trying to save the other .
  6. Anyways re Covid most you numb fuckers on here know you’ve been f****d over weather you care to admit it or not
  7. Loads of other shit been directed re Family ‘ some at least have the balls to say it direct others thru innuendo ‘ typical shit houses who cry like f**k when it’s directed back . Like I say that covenant was broken ages ago so anyone instigating anything either directly or indirectly expect some back
  8. Well some of us must get back to work We don’t all play the long Covid game do we king of nothing ya fearful scrounging fooker
  9. He’s prob got a thing for me MC he be spying on his mrs locked in the cupboard finger blasting herself over me whilst he’s giving himself a good old pokey bum wank thinking of me ffs
  10. Why would I want to send you a pm when I’d just post whatever I wanted to say on here
  11. That turtle at least sticks it’s head out of its shell once in a while king of fear lol
  12. What’s up with the pic of you in happier times as a kid ? You grown sick of it ?
  13. No there are others ‘your def not one of them Fritzel King ‘ let the fresh air flow and the sunshine glow ffs
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