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  1. maxhardcore

    Fury v wilder

    AJ - Price would of been a better fight Fast Eddie does it again. I hope Millar catches him with a lucky haymaker and Fast Eddie then has to come begging for the Fury v AJ fight or Wilder v AJ Hes been playing boxing fans for mugs re AJ for a few years now. Shame on those that fell for it
  2. maxhardcore


    A second vote would not be informed though would it . More a programmed vote by the powers that be over the last two years demonising Brexit and blaming anything and everything on Brexit. We had a democratic vote and Weather your a Remoaner or a Leaver let's just get on with it as we should of done from the off two years ago . If politicians had the Country at heart we could of been done and dusted with a much better deal than we probably going to get. So for the Remoaners blame the incompetent greedy self serving elite for whatever deal we end up with not the Majority that voted to leave. If GB does not leave then democracy is dead and we now live in a dictatorship. Does anyone really want that ?
  3. maxhardcore

    RIP Gordon

  4. maxhardcore

    The Last Waterloo Cup

    14 years ago today was the first day of the last Waterloo Cup. Where have those years gone and what a big miss on my Callander the Blue Ribband of Coursing is. They were my fav 3 days of the year from the Call over in Southport to the 3 days Coursing on The Withens and Lydiate. There were some friendships made on those fields that will last a lifetime. Part of British History and Culture gone due to Incompetant ' treacherous politics. 1836 - 2005 Waterloo Cup Winners of yesteryear got a audience with the Queen. Crowds of 80k were the norm. The Grand National was born off the back of William Lynn and the Waterloo Cup. Great Memories and a terrible Shame all round it's no more.
  5. maxhardcore

    Title race

    Safc sit 7th at 75128 Spurs top at 85k but Fook that you can't count a Wembley crowd as a real home crowd.
  6. maxhardcore

    Title race

    Think United's is 83k Rusty and Man City's 84k
  7. maxhardcore

    Title race

    I'd send them all to Carlisle That place can only be improved on lol Raqua is a improvement on that place Stiff They would prob all ask to be sent back home
  8. maxhardcore

    Title race

    Stiff it's great to see your now a Massive Lad's Fan and following Safc closely.
  9. maxhardcore

    A wee night out

    Get him around the club shop Katch and get the lad in some proper colours instead of making him wear the blue of your birth Only messing well done your lad.
  10. maxhardcore


    If Tusk thinks those who wanted Brexit should have a place in hell I wonder what place he thinks the likes of Blair and other war mongers who killed untold innocent children with their policy's should be ???? f***ing Idiot. And what do the Irish think of their PM ???? Good old Irish surname
  11. maxhardcore

    Title race

    They can't help themselfs Stan.
  12. maxhardcore

    Title race

    They prob all viewed Sunderland Till I Die on Netflix Stan and it's got under their skin as they say
  13. maxhardcore

    Title race

    I think Maja's agent was doing the thinking . It was take 3.5 mill for him now or let him leave for free in May. He knows where the Onion bag is but I think he prob knows he lacks the pace for today's Premier league ? Prob why he chose Bordeaux in France. We have potentially a much better prospect in Kimpioka I just hope Ross gives him his chance. Personally I'd of had him in the squad and on the bench week in week out before helping Spurs develop Sterling.
  14. maxhardcore

    Title race

    So van Djik played for Citys first team in the Prem 2008 Stiff ??? Fairplay You learn something new everyday as they say Now Stop Stalking me you weirdo lol
  15. maxhardcore

    Title race

    2015 - 10 years ago ????? Hows Dick Van Rodwell getting on Dykos