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  1. And your obviously a sick fooker who will stoop as low as a snake for FB likes Hope your proud of yourself
  2. Katch Iv not got the time and inclination to go running around the country over THL If anyone has any beef with me over anything ever said on here in return to their bile then let them do the running.
  3. AGAIN Stop trying to justify dragging a charity thru the mud for face book likes it's sick and those at it should be ashamed . As Iv said those programmes are no good to me but they could make a worthwhile cause a few quid. Up to him wether he makes sure they get there.
  4. Every fecker on here ffs there is thousands of members ' ha ha ha ya numpty. And the half dozen or so just keep letting themselfs fall Lower and lower for face book likes
  5. What's that got to do with anyone calling me and mine x y z or me giving some back in return . Fook All that's what
  6. Ps' are you also daft ???? I think you will find it's others throwing threats of fights and violence around. Get your facts right ey
  7. What is low is you and that other idiot even thinking Iv brought such a charity onto the topic for the wrong reasons. Sick minds think sick things. Shame on You Again Wist Ham programmes are no good to me. 2 weeks ago maybe for the Bonfire maybe. But the Charity mentioned could prob do something with them. They have offices and are registered so easily sent there . Nothing more nothing less. And while we on I will insult those who do the same ' simples ' end off. If they don't like the smell of shit they best learn not to throw it.
  8. Katch I used to think the same re you and Whin lol
  9. It hasn't ' it's has half a dozen dicks who think they Lenny Henry They just don't like it when they get some back . Fook em I say ' I'm here till I decide to call it a day whether they like it or not
  10. Go and get checked for Alzimers. Your repeating yourself far to often and talking shite
  11. Did you type that cock in hand
  12. There is one thing for certain you won't and couldn't
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