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  1. I my spelling might not be the best but I know what it means . That Cnut don't know what day it is. And many things are only on the hunting life Mick
  2. Iv just told you I can give you the postcode for a address and you can meet me there . As Iv said I will stand my 3 year old in front of you. You can then tell her to her face she's going on the game As you said on here a month or so ago . My opinion of you was backed up when you said you were going to have a wank over Caroline Flack in memory of her passing. Total Wrongun
  3. Youv never asked for my address ya Wanker . But I can give you a postcode a mile or two from where I live . Meet you there ' stand my 3 year old daughter In front of you and as Iv said tell her she is going on the game as you did a month or so ago and we will see what's what ya full on Wrongun
  4. Your Pretty Sure Is once more Pretty WRONG Id did say I wasn't keen on the after fight Singing . And I did say at the time I thought the Fury v Price fight should of been made. But Keep Lying to suit like the Munch bunch always do when they proven WRONG
  5. Not for long' Prince Fury would knock him out. Tyson Fury would of beat him at 28 Stone
  6. And as for Munter That's Entertainment you say. Im thinking in your case more Days of Speed ya balloon
  7. Yep it's full of yous on here who get proven wrong time and time again Its just too Easy
  8. Like I say most On he said he was shite' finishes ' washed up' couldn't box ' couldn't punch All the nonsense under the Sun. now he's proved all the bullshit wrong it will be he's too Big' too awkward Hes just too f***ing GOOD Thats all for now folks
  9. HA HA HA lol He really is SPECIAL
  10. HA HA HA lol He really is SPECIAL
  11. I'm hideing nowhere and certainly not from YOU I just chose not to fratanise with folk who think it's ok to put kids on the game as he said . Same Wrongun went on to post he was going to have a Wank over Caroline Flack in her memory If that's your thing BM or anyone else's shame on you
  12. Now here is the Site Fooking Idiot Dance off you said Wrong AGAIN Fury WONT come back from 28 stone you said WRONG again Fooking Imbacile
  13. Yep Def the Best Heavyweight Boxer GB has ever produced . Inc Lewis
  14. North v South So we also have a Northern World Heavyweight Champion
  15. Beats Saudi hands down ' which if Fast Eddie had his way is where it would be And the Yank fans seem to have took to Fury and fans have traveled in numbers to support him over the States. 7k at the weigh in by all accounts ?
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