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  1. You will know better than anyone Mara what you want and which breeding you think has the best chance of achieving this out of the dogs you have available Just be careful trying to replicate the best dog - bitch you have owned as new charges never quite come up to scratch when comparing ? Im sure which ever way you go you will put the time and effort in and the dog / bitch you keep will serve you well
  2. Hopefully we have a Derby back next season
  3. Please NCL don’t sack Bruce β€˜ not wanting them to get a manager bounce lol At the moment there is a possibility they will be in the relegation mix
  4. Always good to look back at vids like this. Brilliant β€˜
  5. There will be plenty I’d say. List them and description of condition and price
  6. Stretch his neck and set an example instead of looking for excuses why he did it and making him out to be a victim also .
  7. A good frost here too’ beats rain all day long
  8. Might be seeing yous in the championship next season
  9. There you go trying to tell a supporter of their own team what’s what Our defence had been terrible at times since the injuries of Willis Hume and Flanagan and O Nein .
  10. Not winding you up Bruce has a better record with yous than Benitis Benetis was shite to be fair but mags thought he was god
  11. Our defence is makeshift β€˜ that’s how it is or your shite wouldn’t of got lucky . That and including being robbed of a stone wall penalty We were actually decent first half
  12. He’s got better stats than Benetis at your place has he not ?
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