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  1. get a life instead of moaning about mine you wining little f**k if you got that much of a problem come take me dogs off me and you look after them ill pm you my address if not get the f**k off my back you little bitch
  2. I brought the bitch in to run with my other dog as mini keeps having fits I took her out with trigger on here think I had about 25 rabbits and she randomly had a bad fit on the way home thought she was going to die she still runs but not been the same since as I say that bitch is bang on ferreting rabbit dog but that's as far as it goes she doesent like other things but I did not know that at the time the night we crashed (I was not driving) I took her out with my little dog and they retrived 2 shot foxes before that Al I ran was rabbits with her after the crash I was ill as f**k I had the Mr
  3. I run my dogs hard storm I'm lucky to live somewere were I can run as much gear of Al kinds as I want not liek other people that struggle to find 5 rabbits a night some dogs can't hack it call me a c**t but I'm not going to keep a dog that can't keep up or hack the running my dogs are nothing special and most definalty have there faults but I can say one thing is they have seen plenty of graft and they do what I want them to do I could undertand if I miss treaded dog and did not look after then and treated them like shit and expected the world from them bu that's not the case it's OK people sa
  4. No not at all as said iv got a bitch I bred from a pup and still have her my little rough dog does what I want iv had him nearly a year, you answer this you buy a dog it does what u want a few times then it's not intrested but is pefectly fine for other jobs what do you do have it pts? That rought bitch on the add was the only dog I have brought in this season and she did nothing wrong I had two pups off my mate start of last year and they was not making the size I wanted so I gave one to a lad of here that was looking for a pup for nothing , it's all good getting out once evry week or 10 day
  5. Not failures but there's certain things u can't teach or put into a dog you may be happy with a rabbit only dog I'm not
  6. how do you know you dont know me lol do you know anyone that i go out with or has been out with me no? but just for the sake of it i couldn't give a shit if it shit golden eggs id still cash it in
  7. very f***ing funny maybe you own a decent little dog like him one day or maybe not you dont get out enough to give your dogs a chance never mind me not keeping them long enough lol
  8. and i was in the crash before i get told im leing about that as well by people that done know me,there are a few lads on here that have been out with me and do know me and i dont talk crap about my dogs if they did something wrong i would say if you buy a dog to one job and it does not do what you want but suits the needs of anotherman your basically saying it should be pts just because something does not suit me it may suit another man different dogs for different jobs,, https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/local-hubs/telford/newport/2019/10/19/two-people-cut-free-after-newport-crash/ i realy
  9. shark i done plenty with the bitch i bred what can we post on here a few poxy pics of rabbits
  10. the f**k you on about iv said on here the police took my phone for poaching you silly fool i lost all my log in details for thl and moochers fb ect if not i would of replied on my own profile
  11. poxon will you come out with me ill take the bitch out show you everything iv just said if she does not do it you can crab me on here for the rest of your life? i gave it to the lad i lamp with becuase i was stuck in the house doing f**k all you may keep dogs as pets i dont simple as that now stop moaning you little bitch
  12. Little mans first time out in ages this week retrieved two winter dogs on Monday but I only keep shit...
  13. Your talking crap that bitch is a1 works without a lead is the 100% with all stock retrieves fur and FEATHER alive to hand,retrieves of water jumps anything perfect down the beam don’t talk crap about me if you don’t know or have never met me I get out and do plenty and as not not having any dogs from pups iv got 3 dogs one of them from 6 weeks old and mini I bred my self and my little rough dog I brought a year ago , as I said I gave the little bitch to my lamping partner in end end for nothing, I have done a previous post but it hasn’t gone up for some reason
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