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  1. Got a thick set saluki greyhound here doing all game can take you out or show you. Got 27” worked him 5 seasons he has never let me down. One of those dogs who will always have a special place in my heart. Dog has stamina and heart for days can get any amount of lads to vouch.Can use him free of charge will possibly want a pup if you show me what your bitch is made of. 07749341997 watsapp or iMessage me for more information if your interested.
  2. I have seen this before when terrier was too big for tubes... bayed out of frustration
  3. You can get synuloux injectable and penacillin tablet form... i
  4. Any lads in north east of England fancy a night out or looking for someone to go out with? I go all over the uk with the dogs I currently run 2 bull x a saluki and a salukibull grey.
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