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  1. Hi, has anyone either imported a dog or know someone who has ? I'm looking to have a dog sent over from Germany and am looking for recommendations of companies that do this. Any help would be appreciated. TT
  2. Hello to all of you, Ive been following this forum for a while now and not joined as I don't really hunt much anymore. Ive had Terriers on and off for 38 years, currently have a couple of Welsh, non hunters, they do a lot of bushing/mooching when out and I'm a firm believer of keeping them fit. Always had a passion for the outdoors from being a young kid, used to do do a fair bit of air gunning, for the usual rabbits, squirrels and pigeons. More of a fisherman and forager these days and looking to learn a lot more about the latter. Keen veg grower and cook. Best wishes
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