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    as the day light turns to star light and the seasons come to change i get the the same old answers but the question still remain: can the terible three beat me at my game not a feckin chance.

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  1. If he turns out like my Stan he will be as good as he looks,all the best with him.
  2. Doesn't advocate cover for heart and lung worm but not round and tape?fleas and skin mite.
  3. I'm not sure whippets of any breeding could hold the bulk to which a cattle dog would add,border crosses nearly always to heavey to be useful and they aren't as heavey as an aussie type,would any one put an alsation to a whippet?,just can't see it working, Where as a nice size greyhound would generate better length and hight,adding more weight to something already highly strung like a whippet could create yappers when on pressure runs.
  4. Just my opinion but cattle dogs are tanks compared to border/Welsh collies,definite ban dog influence,whippets for my reckoning couldn't hold the bulk in the cross,greyhound much better.just an opinion not a criticism to bird.
  5. lol she's very dark with a light under coate,buck skin you would see is fawn with a black tick,The bull used had shallow stops so maybe a touch of English in the ancestry,they all come like it longer than wider.
  6. Nice bitch that. Was it b + t bull blood, or possibly saluki that gave the colouring?no saluki mate she half cross to half cross,out my black dogs sister,in the flesh she like black buck skin with tan patches,off the bull terrier,tar.
  7. tidy bitch that,whats her feet like?her feet are good she's five year not a lump on um,tar.
  8. She's no show pony but puts the gear away.
  9. She turned out well,she probably the best bitch I've owned.
  10. They do pass on to some degree gm I wouldnt disagree they inherit some protection,there are differing forms of the disease strains etc.i do kill badly affected rabbits I feel cruel not too.
  11. I think that's fair enough,put poor things out there misery.
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