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  1. I really like that one.
  2. Why didn't he drink the coke?
  3. I'm always gutted when a video like that is closed for comments. Most times the comments are better than the video.
  4. Yeah I admit that the application and result will be totally different. I just wanted to point out that the chemical is already in use in our countryside.
  5. I'm not sure it's as bad as they are making out. They use permethrin in forestry in this country annually to treat trees before they go in the ground to stop weevil damage. You can by clothes impregnated with the stuff as well.
  6. Are you aware of any forces "clearing" land for certain calibres any more? I thought they had stopped doing that but the other day a friend of mine said he had been refused a .30-06 on the basis that the land he requested it over was only cleared for .243. makes no sense to me.
  7. If it is a common occurrence you could pull a condom over your nads to protect them.
  8. Yeah last year's buck kid. This years yearling. The doe could well be with a kid. I saw my first roe kid of the year on Saturday.
  9. I have crapped in the woods more times than most. Never shat on my balls. I did once stumble as I was pulling up my keks and stood in my own cack.
  10. Reckon they'd make a nice soup bowl.
  11. but if it groups 2 MOA at 50yds, your best group is 2 inch at 100? It does look cool I'll give you that.
  12. To answer the OP. .22 WMR all day long for me.
  13. So no benefit at all over a .22LR and it's supersonic so it's noisier?
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