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  1. don’t say anything Bad about it boys thanks Till all the terriers Are got or should i say when ?
  2. What ever ye think it’s not to me but it’s like this it’s not just a hand full off shit doing it And from white Land Rover with black roof well up in the years down to a Very old. Sliver Toyota Ther 7 alone In one spot then there houses. But that’s nothing . Names of the men And lady’s up and down the country thats puting this together there name will never be siad
  3. There A lot Going to be put up when we have it all and it will be 100% right in every way W can’t just put what we think
  4. We must pin pint. Right where

     The dogs are.   1th  because 

    If  it’s the wrong   Spot

    dogs will be gon for good

    all Garda are not the same 

    we shoot and hunt as well

    1. chesney


      I really do hope you get them dogs back because it is something thats been going on long time and needs to stop.

  5. Nothing will happen to them shits But all the hunting men should do somthing Before this year is out to Return The thanks it’s not hard to find out cars vens and jeeps that there working with And so call men that’s in them its like this Ther lads in the hunting game telling them everything as well and buying dogs off them Ther well up on the law and know every hole in it But Ther 1 thing they didn’t know Till now they are 3 hight up men in the law That Are going to put names up on here for every one and numbers of what they are driving’ around in because its the only way that They will get it shit off Ther own kind and bring heat To them and hunting lads or should I say rats that do go around with them Showing them houses and marking them we have it all here every trick in the book that they do Cans bottles and som other bits we won’t tell them everything because ther on this site as well But it’s time to show so call hunting men for what they are big rats and when we have them in a room on ther own they sing like canerys We could fill 2 note books in 5 m .. the hardest part is to get them to stop rating even on ther owne brothers thats the kind of shits we are dealing with now days If you don’t Know any lad very very well don.t tell or show them anything about your dogs or your mates dogs If ye only know what I know about what’s going on in this hunting game ye be All thinking hard who ye chat two Have a good summer and don’t show yere dogs if ye can lads Good luck
  6. Can you get a good air rifle for for 6 month old and 13 month old but you won’t kennel them with a 2th terrier
  7. His only new to the game so ill do him a turn and if he do get 1 ye can find out what that bitch can do then get back to me
  8. Well cocobbean I have 3 good dogs that will not pass game on any ditch and good dogs to dig to if need it but I want good air rifle for 1 your money won’t get 1 5/8 3/8 bordor cross
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