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  1. Be lucky to see a welsh person in a few areas lol
  2. You might be in for a shock in some areas
  3. MH1


    I know mate, that article just stuck in my head as a mad situation. Agree, my wife's a teacher and she's told me stories of kids that come to school and don't know how to smile, because nobody has ever smiled at them or given any attention. Loads that don't know how to use the toilet or brush their teeth. Women with multiple kids taken off them and Facebook posts like "love my kids so much, would do anything for them" (except raise them properly). Must be so much more going on we don't hear about.
  4. MH1


    Lol, those gay blokes who adopted a load of kids now the dad has run off with the daughter's boyfriend and wants to adopt some with him https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7721011/Gay-dad-left-husband-daughters-ex-boyfriend-revealed-planning-TWINS.html
  5. MH1

    Ouija boards.

    My mrs reckons a UFO chased her for miles one night. Apparently there was a police helicopter about the same night but "it definitely wasn't that"
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    You'll be disappointed
  7. Is the advice just for the single handed busher or can you double up?
  8. MH1

    North v South

    The North's got coronavirus https://mol.im/a/7951403
  9. Haha must've thought it had nothing to lose if it wasn't getting out the cage
  10. Were you training for it specifically, or just something else on top of PT and ops?
  11. Sure I read in this thread or another one that someone knew someone who did and the dogs didn't want to know lol Bit of digging...from the big cat podcast thread
  12. Is there ever sightings over there mate?
  13. MH1

    North v South

    Nothing like a bit of stereotyping lol
  14. It's at the top of this section
  15. MH1

    Rewilding farms

  16. Training's the fun part I find, most people let themselves down with their diet.
  17. Ask the yanks in the terrier section lol
  18. Non payment of TV licence probably over here lol
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