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    walking boots

    Lowa Renegade
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    The death toll rises......

    Yeah that's fair enough but I still wouldn't trust them to decide someone's life or death fate
  3. MH1

    The death toll rises......

    I wouldn't trust the government/courts with that responsibility...they'd be executing innocent people all over the place lol
  4. MH1

    The death toll rises......

    Don't they keep them on death row for about 20 years anyway?
  5. Dog's coming up to 2 but has never been interested in food, getting him to eat anything is an absolute chore. At the moment he's eating tripe mince mixed with dry but just picking around the dry - so only eating the tripe really, but not very enthusiastically at that. I've tried chicken and lamb complete minces and he'll sniff it and walk away without touching it. Tried dry foods but same reaction as above. Had him to the vets as a precaution but nothing wrong after blood tests. I've put the food down for 30 mins and taken it away but he went days without eating fck all. I've read that having his balls off will get him interested in food but I'd rather not go down that road as he's a bit nervy as it is. Has anyone got any suggestions/advice? In all honesty it's doing my head in, I'd much rather a greedy dog than having to battle every day to get him to eat. Cheers
  6. Been doing this but he's a stubborn fcker! Goes a few days without, stuffs his face then goes back to picking the next day. He's not in bad shape as far as I can tell and good energy levels. All other dogs I've had experience with have been greedy but this picking at food fcks me off no end lol.
  7. Haha not in the position for another at the moment but the thought has crossed my mind to add some competition. Unfortunately he's got a nice temp apart from the above so won't be going anwhere
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    Iron Arms

    THL Secret Santa is it?
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    That's A Deer Haircut.......😂

    Hope they finished that blokes haircut
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    Best place for him

    What's happening to the people that helped him?
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    Granddad today

    Congratulations mate
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    Off duty copper apparently
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    Anti mole catcher

    Are Brad and Todd father and son?
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    Climate crazies

  15. MH1

    Climate crazies

    Saw a video on Facebook and she was getting asked questions in a press conference. Without her script she couldn't answer and just told the reporter someone else on the panel could answer
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    German Federal Council Passes Bill Giving Three Years in Prison for Denigrating EU Flag https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/09/27/german-regions-pass-prison-eu-flag-denigration-legislation/
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    Another day , another dda sketch

    Knew you couldn't trust those labradoodles
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    Another day , another dda sketch

    It's 100% worth it I think, especially when the baby starts walking about, stops the dog getting grabbed and bitten haha
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    Another day , another dda sketch

    My dog lives in the house and I've got an 8 month old baby. Best thing I've bought is a pen and sleeping box for the dog in the garden. Gives them both some space. Baby can play on the floor safely and the dog can get some peace from the baby lol
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    No thanks
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    Another day , another dda sketch

    Theres a pic of them in the article mate
  22. Ross Kemp - Extreme World is about elephant poachers at 10 on Pick if anyone is interested