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  1. Brilliant that would of been funny I've seen them bind to sheep out of motor [BANNED TEXT] slipping at crows
  2. I dont no how this virus will affect breeders guess we will just have to wait and see
  3. Cant beat pigeon breast on some toast good shooting mate
  4. I dunno who was more shocked the bird me or the hedgehog
  5. Yes I've seen a few bad nasty imprints I was just lucky with her I guess I might do my own fresh gos this year and imprint it myself I've imprinted falcons and spars and aslong as u dont food imprint them they are usually fine
  6. Shes still mint always tail guarded on kill and kept on raptor post in flying season free lofted for molt
  7. Shes pretty much silent gives the odd call
  8. What's the strangest thing you've caught with you're birds I got a hedgehog last night scanning field she was off and slammed into it it wasnt harmed
  9. She got on well mate had plenty game with her I will dig some pictures out
  10. They are good well mate catapults I shoot one myself
  11. Out on a chicken farm tonight been trying to get this big dog fox for weeks headshot with 17hmr at yds
  12. Couple of rabbits for the ferrutail last night
  13. Tribred are alot more biddable follow on alot better than a red without as much work and ferrutail is just like a bigger red maybe abit quicker better wing beat in my opinion
  14. 1000 for female and 750 for male mate yeh hes got a waiting list for everything he breeds some cracking stuff all his birds are tried and tested before pairing here is some pictures of my tribred
  15. Paul burns bred tribred and also the ferrutail I've never tried a 50/50 but I've got a female harris in with a red at the minute so fingers crossed
  16. She is a 3/4 red mate I've got a male tribred aswell he is a good bird but was real stubborn to start with he was taken late 24 weeks
  17. She takes rabbits around the 3lb 2 and hares at 3lb
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