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  1. I think pictures would help as youve explained the sutuation
  2. What's the breeding of the bitch?
  3. Mainly due to the idiots with no desire to learn how to care for or manage them AND the money grabbing b@stards who sell them to anyone and I've seen pics of people keeping them in rabbit hutches and caravans! The majority of Gos breeders I've met have enough about them not to sell to novices with no mentor.
  4. They do live along time and if you mess a goss up it will stay like that for it's life ( unflyable or serious bad habits) but with a Harris the are majorly more forgiving to mistakes caused by the inexperience of the handlers. If you are going to get a Gos as your first bird go out with someone with gosses and like said above spend a few seasons doing the hours hard work and getting your set up right before getting a bird.
  5. You don't learn to drive in a formula one car as they can have lots of problems caused by the operator. Harrises and Redtails are like a ford fiesta which you learn in. It's not impossible but to many wankers with big egos have lost or killed their gosses through bad weight management or lack of experience.
  6. I would say definately not to a starter having a goss , get a Harris or Redtail but I would never let a goss go to a new starter. They are so easy to mess up and are for experienced falconers only.
  7. Sooty sam, merlin and eve, Rambo ... All dogs mentioned a lot in pedigrees but if he knows it's a descendant of Rambo and you don't know or own the dog I'd keep quiet as slagging off a dog ain't on if you don't know the facts.
  8. I've got an x Royal Mail Vauxhall combo 1.3 cdti van forsale, it does have a sensor fault that puts it into limp mode now and again and needs £200 of work to get through the mot due next month but I don't have the money to do it so I'm selling it, low mileage (66k) and clean back and dog grill across the bulkhead. There is a rip on the drivers seat but it has 4 months tax and does 55to the gallon. It has been serviced every 5k upto 40k then 10k servicing after that. It starts first time and has been a good runner , I'm only after £600 which is a few hundred less that what's it's worth so I've taken the work that's needed into consideration, please no time wasters and first comes with the cash first served with no swaps. Thanks for looking , pics via email so pm me your addy, cheers
  9. That's got a nice shape on it! Good luck with the sale
  10. Does the tin also say which ret and mag it is? Silver or black ? Cheers
  11. The stock in the pic is a fenman stock as it doesn't have the rounded cheek piece
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