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  1. GFalcon

    Waterfowling advice

    Thank you guys. Thats helped a lot. Will the flight line change daily with the wind?
  2. GFalcon

    Waterfowling advice

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and this is my first post so I hope im in the right place for this topic. I mainly decoy pigeons, but a member of my family has recently acquired land close to a nature reserve (500yds across two fields). This reserve has greylag and canada geese, mallard, teal and wigeon landing there a lot of the time. Yesterday there must have been 500+ geese sat on the water so it seems a bit of a haven. Now obviously its a nature reserve and im not going anywhere near it or its walkways (something I researched before shooting it) but im having problems calling the geese to my decoys. Decoying geese is something ive only really taken up in the last few months and I thought id give it a go since I have a good success with pigeons at local farms. Now I only have 12 decoys, I do call them and I have called 2 wedges over and shot 2 birds from them. But 2 wedges are nothing compared to the thousands of geese I have watched only a few hundred yards away completely ignoring my decoys and just wanting to land in the water. Im basically after some tips on how to get them to even fly over my decoys. I must admit my call does need work, maybe im calling too much? Or too little? Do I have too few decoys out and need 20-30 or so? Any advice would be fantastic guys. I know the wildfowling season is pretty much at an end but would be great to get some tips so I can prepare for next season. Thanks guys