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  1. tench

    FAC .22 Air rifle

    View Advert FAC .22 Air rifle 31ft lb .22 axsor air rifle very accurate walnut stock 8 shot mag health problem forces sale Advertiser tench Date 24/03/19 Price £390.00 Category Airguns  
  2. tench

    FAC .22 Air rifle

    Time Left: 12 days and 21 hours

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    31ft lb .22 axsor air rifle very accurate walnut stock 8 shot mag health problem forces sale


  3. has anyone ever managed to shoot a mole before?
  4. tench

    quietest action

    cheers shaaark having health and doing what I wanna do is more important than lots of money too me. i read even the recoil from years of shotgun shooting can set it off, so if you had a head impact it might be a noise OR vibration problem this guy i know says he can tune it out cause he had 2 loud sisters
  5. tench

    quietest action

    i think mines from power tools and powder burning. also due to gunk in the middle ear doc says. hopefully i'll be able to use my fac air again. otherwise might look at one of those brocock compatto sub 12fpes if the hammer does not make too much noise. the slightest noise or vibration sets it off in both ears at the moment and makes the ringing louder. oh well lifes a bitch.
  6. Scope with lots of mill dots View Advert looking for a scope with lots of mill dots 4 - 16 or fixed 10 times Advertiser tench Date 21/01/19 Price Category Scopes and Optics  

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    looking for a scope with lots of mill dots 4 - 16 or fixed 10 times


  8. tench

    quietest action

    just about anything sets it off at the moment. i brought some crazy larger ear defends the other week that make me look well crazy i have in both ears but still hear the mrs and kids when they want something i'll just have to get down the workshop and make one or use a catapult
  9. tench

    quietest action

    English will only be getting a small percentage as wholesalers work on tight margins This is why china has go so rich in recent years and the UK has been getting poorer and poorer. We are buying way to much made overseas At least assembly of some products are in the UK which means local people get paid to assemble even if parts come from all over and the company is foreign owned.
  10. tench

    quietest action

    Either I have a nasty ear infection this last month or I have tinnitus hence wanting a quiet action. Not too bothered about the down range noise.
  11. tench

    quietest action

    cheers mate. i've been thinking about getting a hw110k. Its first on the list. the only snag is my English money will be going to a German company. would prefer to send my pounds to a UK company as our economy needs all the help it can get!
  12. tench

    quietest action

    hw's sound interesting, I wonder if the carbine models make more noise too get the same 11.5fpe?
  13. I would like to find out which sub 12fpe air rifles have the quietest actions. I already have a good moderator so not to worried about the noise from the end of the barrel. its more the action noise I want to minimise. Can anyone recommend pcp rifles with the quietest actions please?
  14. tench

    Fishing book

    View Advert Fishing book shadows in the stream £8 posted Advertiser tench Date 31/12/18 Price £8.00 Category Fishing Kit  
  15. tench

    Fishing book


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    shadows in the stream £8 posted