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  1. Hi all hope you had a great Christmas! I own a hatsan 900x breaker .22 for about a year now and been going to my local range but would love to hunt game preferably quite locally (derbyshire/nottinghamshire). I'm wondering if anyone has permission and is quite happy showing me the way if the owner of the land is ok with that! Im a responsible lad with 3 kids and no criminal record or I wouldn't be in the job I'm in! If anyone could help show me how to go about hunting game then I would massively appreciate it. Thankyou in advanced.
  2. Hi all in wanting to get into lamping/hunting etc with air rifle/dogs. I have 2 lurchers, one was a working dog what I adopted and the other is 8 months old (would like her to get older before training). We all have to start somewhere and I know this hobby isn't a walk in the park. What locations around the eastmidlands is any good/legal to hunt on (if any), basic equipment etc. Advice would be hugely appreciated. Thanks for reading.
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