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  1. 1 hour ago, Gaz_Lurcherlad said:

    Mine did the same never picked up but now he doesn’t drop the b*****ds it’s a hard one he’s and all rounder so is going to be abit hard mouthed if it’s just a rabbiting dog it just takes time I just caught them in nets and killed them and then played fetch with them ect does work just depends on attitude of the dog 

    Do you think i could a simular thing to this with a snare because i dont have nets but could learn to make a snare

  2. 9 minutes ago, poxon said:

    I try an pick rabbits wisely for young dogs being bought on the furthest out in the field try an work out we’re there likely headed an walk out from that spot with young dogs I keep cool as a cucumber as there learning an Rome wasn’t built in a day some young uns want to just run them to begin with but as said the penny will drop there want to catch soon as they learn how the new fascinating game runs 

    Yeah im just gunna stick to it keep getting her out 

  3. 2 minutes ago, jcm said:

    Take her ferreting let her mouth a rabbit in the net 

    That was my first thought but i dont know any one else into this or people with dogs/ferrets im only young and used to go hunting with my dad and grandad when i was a kid and ive decided to get back into it but its just me, do you think could catch a rabbit live with a snare? 

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