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  1. 3 hours ago, Moocher71 said:

    I don't think the dog jacked at all,if dog came back once lamp switch off its doing whats asked of it.

    I had whippet that run anything and no chance of getting him back until its in his jaws or gone to ground.

    We all want different things from our a dogs,and as long as our juckels are keeping us happy thats all that matters.they only have to please us.

    I know id rather a juck come back when told rather than over the Hill and far away.





    Cheers mate, too many arse holes on this site, I appreciate there opinions or I wouldnt have posted the thread...but was only me and my juckel that night and I know what I did was the right thing. My juckels here with me now and that’s all that matters and I put pound to a penny a genuine lad will do all he can to keep his dog safe... 

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  2. 4 hours ago, fred90 said:

    it's all opinions. all mine so far have done as there told but I haven't a hope in hell of them coming back when running something. some say it's a clever dog that picks its runs or can be recalled. I don't like a thinking dog I prefer a out & out tryer some would say they are thick running stuff they can't catch but give me a thick dog every time. I don't think they are really trying if you can call them off. 

    We’re I am mate farmers and keepers are very keen so been on and off a field as quickly as possible is a must.... I dare say if my dog never backed off that run last night I’d of been coming home with just a slip...The field ive never walked in a day let alone lamped it on a night So toatally oblivious to any dangers in that field...I minght be completely different to all you on here but if I can keep my little juckel out of danger I’ll do so....

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  3. 5 hours ago, Attaboy said:

    There are some real txxxs on this forum. A lad asks a valid question then the know it all idiots with no idea about the dog or the man come along and shoot him down, well if there's one way to kill a forum... 

    Some real dickheads on here mate

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  4. 42 minutes ago, Casso said:

    What age is it ? And how’s It bred , has it seen much work ? 

    Hes a collie grey whippet grey 2 years old he’s get worked maybe twice a week if nite is right,, I wouldn’t say the dog jacked.... as I was the only one in field to witness this soon as that started reaching towards motorway my lamp when off 

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  5. Just got back from a quick shine all went well, till last field a big ear jumped up on lamp and dog accidently backed out of his slip and off he went haha..... bearing in mind this has been first big ear he’s seen never mind coursed..the quantities of these are real thin round my way so  he’s no real deal on these things just keep him for the local bunny’s...so back to the course he’s going well and the dog started closing the gap..it was just the fact I’d never lamped this field before let alone walk it in day so I was oblivious to any danger in this field..hidden ditches or drain covers etc and a motorway not too far away.. as the course went on...I felt like I needed to try call him off the run...so I shouted him and he backed off the run straight away I’m guessing this is a good thing As if there’s any dangers or I need to get off land quick but is it a good thing for the dog to be told to course then not to course..

    would like to hear people’s opinions on this.

    im not asking no smart comments or remarks 

    atvb lurcherlad1998

  6. 16 hours ago, Saltmoon said:


    Came across these knifes and yes they look amazing and watched a few videos on them and I wouldn't want to take the thing out the box let alone out hunting!! I use a buck myself nice little knife. 


    What you guys think of these knifes or has anyone got one and what's the real difference in them emberleaf to another good knife at half it's price? 

    Own a buck knife myself mate can’t fault it 

  7. 4 hours ago, Saltmoon said:

    He's doing ok got alot to learn walked him right up to a bunny other week and it didn't move so I clapped to get it running me mate had my dog he slipped him to early so the rabbit went one way and the dog went the other 😂😂 but me pal didn't let him have chance to see the thing before letting him go. He's keen as mustard on them he wants to run every one but so many hedge huggers it's pointless slipping him on them but he will get there still got alot to learn 

    Had a bitch once like that pal, one night be dynamite couple nights later just seemed she wasn’t intrested someone once told me she’s (JADED). (bored or lacking enthusiasm, typically after having had too much of something).   Just yourself and dog want to be going out, Get as close as possible to them and make sure the dogs got eyes on it and ready to go, I have same problem with hedge huggin...slipping dogs on no hopers are just disheartening yourself and your dog, with the right amount of time and effort he should turn just into what you want mate atvb with him mate 


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  8. 42 minutes ago, bigmac 97kt said:

    Use a hard tooth brush or better a brass wire brush

    on the chequering and all ways go with the pattern do not go against  it

    put plenty of nitro in it or paint stripper in first ,

    as for your mates it should have a little pre load its ether been changed

    or the spring has been cut .

    but if its shooting ok and not twanging

    then it should be ok


    Yes as far as I remember when I had the internals of mine done, I had abit of preload, so would this affect the power of the gun(surely) would a new spring solve his problem thanks for your knowledge 


  9. 5 hours ago, bigmac 97kt said:

    When you strip the stock back

    and sand it it may look to light if it dose use a walnut stain

    as in one of the pics on page 1

    put it into a tub just a little and ad some water to thin it out

    build the coats up ,

    another trick is spit on your fingers and rub over the stock (when the stock is dry)

    this will show you what the stock is going to look like when the oil is on and dry

    so if its not the way you want it you can add some more coats

    put the stain on with a lint free cloth as well

    if you cant get some cloths use an old well washed t,shirt

    fold the cloths up into a tight little square to use on the stain and oil

    when applying the stain and oil run the cloth up and back down the same way you went

    like oil on oil off the down ward motion will remove any excess oil  that was put on by the up wards stroke

    if that makes sense lol


    ps second pic is with the stain on ready for oil




    How do you come across the chequering, been told that’s quite tricky but not too sure though.....another question if you don’t mind me asking. A friends also got a hw80 he had it apart last week and their seemed to be no pre-load with spring where I’ve seen some have maybe upto a inch pre-load... thanks again for your time and advice.... ATB LurcherLad 

  10. 12 hours ago, bigmac 97kt said:

    Yes it will need to be sized

    but only do this once the stock is done

    if you want the stock to look like Marks hw77

    once the stock is done leave it for a few days then wire wool it over to take the shine off

    this will give it a Matt Finnish

    then use bee,s wax to give it a little shine


    once the stock is done size the plate to the stock DO NOT SIZE TO THE OLD PAD

    as it will be a different size as you will have sanded the stock down

    once you have done this you will need a bench grinder to shave it down to size

    place the back plate onto the stock and draw a line round it

    you may have to re,drill screw holes in the plate and stock to fit








    Top man 

  11. 3 hours ago, bigmac 97kt said:

    Ebay bis adjustable but pad

    GunTuff Adjustable Rubber RECOIL BUTT PAD Stock Shoulder Rifle Buttplate Shotgun

    On Beach stocks i use tru oil

    Birchwood Casey Tru Oil stock finish professional rifle gun stock finishing

    you apply this once you have sanded the stock down and smoothed it off 

    using lint free cloth to apply it

    you will need some 0000 wire wool as well

    Steel Wire Wool Grade 0-0000 For Polishing Rush Cleaning Remover Gray UK

    when you put the first two coats of oil on use the wire wool to lightly remove any lines or marks

    that are left on

    remember it has to stand for a good 12 hours or more between coats to dry

    hope this helps









    Thanks for your advice, I’ll certainly take every bit on board, do the adjustable butt pads fit straight on or does it have to be modified ect thanks again

    atb lurcherlad

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