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  1. yes join basc not ngo as we have all found out in my area there wont help you 1 bit.cleveland police have revoked 30 licences in east cleveland area up to now and still doing visits.
  2. hi,just wondered if anybody could help.i was just wondering how short can a .22 lr barrel be?thanks
  3. hi,could anybody tell me how to strip down a anschutz .22 semi auto long rifle,or put a link uo to show me.for some reason it keeps jammin,its doesnt seem to be fliping the bullet up,any ideas or advice would be great thanks
  4. black dog is bred from postgate lines.cheers
  5. hi,i would just like to no if the laws have changed on shooting roe deer on a sunday,i thought you couldnt cause there were game,but my stalkers said the law has changed and you can?cheers
  6. hi,al pm you my number al give you afew days on crows and stuff.
  7. hi,there will take maggies aswell then,were you from and do you have your own transport?
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